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Atlona® Now Shipping New AT-HD-M2C Audio Converter

Mixed Audio Conversion Now Available for Display Installations and Legacy Devices







Atlona®, a leading digital connectivity solutions provider, today announced that the company is now shipping its new AT-HD-M2C multichannel audio converter. Designed to simplify mixed audio installations, the AT-HD-M2C accepts Dolby® and DTS multichannel audio before converting signals into a two-channel audio format. This enables the reception of multichannel audio content, conversion into two channels, and playback on endpoints, which normally cannot accept multichannel sources — enabling full compatibility with both displays and legacy devices such as audio receivers.

“When used with an Atlona HDMI matrix switcher, our new AT-HD-M2C delivers unparalleled audio experiences for both home and office settings,” said Steve Heintz, senior product manager, Atlona. “This seamless integration between devices enables sources such as Blu-ray players, game consoles, and set-top boxes to distribute the same content easily within multizone environments — ensuring that signals are received and properly processed in applications such as multichannel home theaters and two-channel bedrooms.”

To convert optimized audio signals reliably from source to display, the AT-HD-M2C uses EDID (External Display Identification Data) to provide plug-and-play simplicity — eliminating the need for complex programming, which results in automatic signal detection and delivery. Taking the guesswork out of managing audio, discreet status lights for PCM, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS Digital Surround™, and DTS-HD Master Audio allow users to determine the incoming audio signal at a glance.

For amplifiers and legacy audio receivers, a variety of output ports such as L/R analog audio, coaxial, and TOSLINK digital audio enable pass-through even without HDMI support, while retaining the ability to distribute both audio and video to HDMI displays.

More information about Atlona’s full line of products is available at





BitWise Controls Announces Nest Module for Easy Setup and Integration of Popular Learning Thermostat into BitWise Control Systems

BitWise Controls has recently added a new Nest Module to its robust lineup of third-party templates and modules available to BitWise Controls dealers. These modules—single files containing pre-configured GUI content and device programming—make it easier to set up, design, and install various subsystems, such as Nest learning thermostats. Each module is available for download at the Bitwise Dealer Store, where you can also review your entire module purchase history, making it easier and far more efficient to provide updates, additions, and enhancements to your customer’s BitWise systems in the future.

“The BitWise Controls Nest Module makes it incredibly simple for integrators to add Nest thermostats to the BitWise platform,” says Mark Buster, Chief Technology Officer of BitWise Controls. “By downloading the Nest Module from our Online Dealer Store, integrators will be able to immediately offer slick integration of the Nest Learning Thermostat into their customer’s BitWise Controls systems.”

The Nest Module is packed with features and allows you to add a virtual Nest thermostat to your projects in seconds. The user interface is created automatically, and closely replicates the look of the Nest thermostat on the wall. End-users can securely log in with Nest account credentials and the module supports multiple Nest thermostats via the BitWise Controls platform. Integrators can program the HVAC mode and set points, such as ‘Cool’, ‘Heat’, or ‘Off’, as well as turn the ‘Away’ mode on or off. Humidifier control and Advanced Fan mode (including ‘Timer’ and ‘Every Day’ modes) are also supported, and an easy-to-access 10-day usage graph for more thorough energy-usage monitoring is available from the GUI.

Available now, the BitWise Controls Nest Module requires iOS devices running iOS7 or higher, and is compatible with automation projects that use BC1, BC2, and BC4 controllers. More information about the new BitWise Nest Module can be obtained here.

Designed and backed by more than 20 years of mission-critical control, monitoring and AV systems integration experience, BitWise Controls is a US-based supplier of powerful yet versatile control and automation solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential control applications. Global dealership opportunities are available. For more information, visit, email, or call +1 (866) 932-2292+1 (866) 932-2292. Follow @BitWiseControls on Twitter.

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Crimson AV’s Modular Menu Board Mount Systems Significantly Reduce Assembly, Installation and Alignment Time of Inline Displays

Crimson AV recently unveiled a new lineup of multi-display inline mounting solutions engineered for use with menu boards, digital signage, and more. Fully redesigned, the new ceiling and wall-mounted Menu Board Mount Systems significantly reduce the assembly, installation and alignment time – as well as the total cost of ownership – of inline multi-display arrays, such as those found in restaurants, bars, venues and anywhere else multiple displays are installed inline.

A fully modular solution for mounting multiple displays from the ceiling or wall in either landscape or portrait orientation, this new mount system features Crimson’s simplified post-installation leveling and alignment design that makes perfecting the visual aesthetic a breeze.

To simplify the specification and ordering process, prices are based on the number of displays to be mounted, so systems designers need only to know the size and quantity of displays to be used as well as the orientation; Crimson will kit the complete mount system and ship it to the location requested in cartons that are easily managed by a single installer.

Crimson AV has a unique value proposition and fills a much-needed niche. The Company not only provides a comprehensive TV and projector mount lineup of off-the-shelf solutions, it also specializes in custom-configured solutions designed to specification and suitable for virtually every type of audio-visual installation. An industry-leading 10-year warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures that integrators and systems designers are provided much-needed peace of mind that they have chosen the right mounts for the job, and allows them to focus on the more technical aspects of the installation.

“We work closely with our customers to develop the solutions they need to solve a wide variety of installation challenges,” says Crimson President, Vlad Gleyzer. “Our 2014 mount lineup provides the answer to many of the most cumbersome issues experienced when mounting displays for use in a variety of challenging applications. Designed to both simplify and expedite the design, assembly, installation, and alignment process, Crimson AV mounts will more than satisfy the needs of those seeking to source or specify innovative display mount solutions.”

Visit, call 866-MOUNT-TV8866-MOUNT-TV866-MOUNT-TV, or write to for more information

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Crestron to Bring 4K Confidence to Integrators and End Users with new Certification Program

Industry-first testing and certification program ensures sources and displays meet the demands of a 4K distributed system


As 4K Ultra HD source devices and displays come to market, people that specify, purchase, design, and install custom AV systems are asking the same question: “Which products will work with my distributed 4K system?” Crestron provides the answer.

To help facilitate a smooth transition to 4K UHD, Crestron, the most trusted name in AV distribution technology, will introduce its 4K Certification program. Under this industry-first program, manufacturers can submit their 4K sources and displays to Crestron to ensure that they:

  • Deliver true 10 Gbit/s data rates to get the signal to its destination
  • Interface with DigitalMediato handle cable lengths found in integrated AV systems
  • Work with other 4K products in a DigitalMedia system

“Compatibility issues between different brands, new cable length limitations, and mismatched resolutions all have the potential to compromise a 4K distribution system,” said Justin Kennington, Technology Manager for DigitalMedia. “Crestron 4K Certification is our guarantee that sources and displays meet the demands of a 4K distributed system.”

Testing 4K products, so integrators don’t have to

Crestron engineers in the DigitalMedia Lab rigorously test 4K products to ensure they work in a matrix-switched environment. Only those that do are awarded the Crestron 4K Certified logo.

It’s now more critical than ever that system designers use components they can rely upon. Only by meeting and passing the rigorous testing of the Crestron 4K Certification program can a source or display prove its place in a 4K distribution system. Combining low-cost extenders and other uncertified peripherals will compromise the integrity of a system.

Now, for integrators and end users, finding a database of 4K products they can trust is as simple as visiting






Draper Introduces New Engineered Screen Technology

In recent years projectors and projection technology have been advancing quickly. Draper is taking projection screen technology another step into the future at Integrated Systems Europe 2014 with the creation of TecVision Engineered Surface Technology. Available in five exclusive formulations to start, TecVision features white surfaces with gains ranging from 1.3 to 1.9 over remarkably wide viewing cones, and grey surfaces with excellent performance under higher room light levels.

“There are few companies in the world who are experts in designing projection screen surfaces,” according to Draper company president John Pidgeon. “Most screen fabrics are made by firms whose primary business is manufacturing textiles for other purposes. We’ve made a major investment in equipment, expert personnel and research time specifically to offer this line of revolutionary new surfaces unmatched by any other screen manufacturer in the world.”

TecVision also offers a departure from typical screen production, according to Bob Mathes, AV Market Manager for Draper.

“Utilizing technologically advanced manufacturing methods, proprietary scientific formulations and establishing the highest quality standard, we are prepared to meet the rigorous demands of today’s projectors and the environments in which screens are and will be used,” Mathes says. “Rather than using “mass-production” methods in order to minimize costs, TecVision screens are individually produced; each and every screen surface is individually formulated, programmed, and manufactured with multiple checks for quality, consistency and uniformity from start to finish.”

These premium surfaces are not sold online and are only available through qualified Draper dealers. They are being seen for the first time at Integrated Systems Europe.

“We are pretty excited about TechVision,” says Pidgeon. “These five surfaces are just the start. The sky’s the limit as far as surfaces we can create to match whatever specs require.”

To learn more about Draper’s TecVision Engineered Screen Technology screens, visit





Define Your Space

Seating Designed to for Your Lifestyle



When you are immersed in creating a theater with superior sound and high performance video the last thing you want to skip out on is comfort and style. At Fortress, we assist you with creating the seating element of your theater. You specify space requirements, configurations, upholstery, and accessories to offer your customer the ultimate options in seating. We provide you with a quote and diagram allowing your customer to visualize how the seating will be integrated into their theater. Through our extensive experience and innovation, we supply you with a final product that is built to meet with a solid solution for your seating needs.

Made in the USA for over 70 years

New Address/Phone Effective March 1st !

1721 Wright Ave. ~ La Verne, CA 91750 ~ 909-593-8600909-593-8600








IC Realtime Embraces UL’s 2802 Performance Testing Standard for Camera Image Quality

IC Realtime, a manufacturer of advanced visual surveillance solutions for the residential, commercial, military and government sectors, embraces UL’s 2802 Performance Testing Standard for Camera Image Quality. In the works for more than two years — and released last September — the new standard defines a method to assess video image quality through a series of performance based tests that are conducted on production digital cameras.

Cameras are rated (on a scale of 0 through 100) on the following parameters: image resolution; distortion; relative illumination; dynamic range; maximum frame rate; gray level; sensitivity; bad pixel count and veiling glare.

”A standard for testing camera performance is crucial in keeping everyone’s claims honest,” said IC Realtime CEO Matt Sailor. “For years IC Realtime’s test labs have been evaluating competitor’s cameras and the amount of deception that we’ve witnessed would blow your mind!  I mean cameras that come nowhere even close to what manufacturer’s state as specifications. It’s truly unfair to the end-user, and in the end, the integrator’s reputation is put in jeopardy.”

Sailor cautions manufacturers, “If you want to compete in my marketplace, you’d better follow through and have UL certify your camera’s performance.”

To help create the UL 2802 standard, IC Realtime worked closely with UL, including submitting its B-2000 2-MegaPixel IP Bullet camera to use as part of the testing development process. According to UL, the camera achieved high scores on many of the performance tests, with a certification and the results expected to be published shortly.

See our product on display @ ISC WEST 2014 icreal1

April 2, 3, 4 – Booth #23005







Liberty AV Solutions Rekindles DigitaLinx™ Brand

 Liberty AV Solutions, a leading provider of audio-visual technology and business services, recently debuted the DL-HDE100 and DL-HD70 HDBaseT extenders—the first significant releases of electronics in their DigitaLinx product line since 2008.

“The vast majority of our device offerings revolves around the Intelix line of products,” explains Cameron Smith, VP of Technology. “We have spent the better part of three years improving quality and pushing the technology envelope, resulting in a broad line of digital system products that manage the majority of the AV network. Until now, our focus simply hasn’t been on the price sensitive, point-to-point installation. The DigitaLinx brand rekindles Liberty’s commitment to affordability without sacrificing quality.”

Appropriately, the DL-HDE100 and DL-HD70 deliver performance and features not typically seen in HDBaseT extenders priced under $350 per set (MSRP). In addition to extending HDMI, RS232, IR, and Ethernet up to 100 meters over twisted pair cable, the units feature flexible power, field-upgradeable firmware, built-in surge protection, and a best-in-industry compact chassis specifically designed for mounting behind ultra-slim flat panels.

“Liberty is committed to providing our partners high-quality, affordable, market-relevant solutions. Our goal is to position the Intelix brand as a suite of system products, whereas the DigitaLinx brand is designed for point-to-point connectivity and problem solving,” continues Mr. Smith. “Both lines undergo the same rigorous quality assurance process, and both carry Liberty’s unyielding performance guarantees.”

Liberty anticipates aggressively expanding the DigitaLinx™ line in 2014, including the introduction of additional extenders, switchers, video converters, and scalers.

Additional information on the both the DL-HD70 and DL-HDE100 are available online at

noble fidelity






The Noble Fidelity loudspeaker line-up is small and boutique-like. We don’t offer the good, better, and best approach that most companies provide. Our concentration is an audiophile value-proposition. At a glance, our loudspeakers appear expensive. Our L-85 mk ll 8-inch 2-Way In-Ceiling/Wall loudspeaker retails for $899/pair. There are hundreds of in-ceiling loudspeaker models available for less and far less cost, many of which are highly recognizable brand names.There are a number of 6.5-inch,8-inch, and 10-inch in-ceiling/wall loudspeakers offered at higher prices than ours…some significantly higher. This is where we play, where we compete, and where we win in the performance and musicality departments. This is where our audiophile value-proposition takes hold in the marketplace. Also, check out the Noble Fidelity Road Case micro-review in February’s Residential Systems magazine (page 35). For more information please visit








Introducing  Clarity Matrix with G2 Architecture




New G2 Architecture combines the thinnest ultra-narrow LCD in the industry with best visual performance, easiest installation and 24×7 reliability

Planar is pleased to introduce the next-generation Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall System with G2 Architecture, delivering a new level of visual performance to Planar’s award-winning family of LCD video wall solutions.

Clarity Matrix with G2 Architecture combines the industry’s thinnest profile ultra-narrow bezel LED-backlit LCD video wall with improvements in design, installation and service, further delivering on its reputation as the best-in-class video wall.
Read the press release.

Clarity Matrix with G2 Architecture Key Features:

  • Reduced tiled bezel width as small as 3.7mm (MX55HDU)
  • Mission-critical off-board electronics design with integrated video extension to the panel–up to 330 feet
  • Fewer cables to the video wall and less rack space
  • Updated input connectivity including 4K input sources
  • 10-bit color processing for increased color depth and uniformity
  • Integrated WallNet™ video wall health and status monitoring with SNMP support

Planar also announced a new and improved Clarity Matrix Calculator designed for the new G2 Architecture. This online application allows you to configure a video wall and generate important product specification data. Choose a custom environment, upload your own content, or even create a simulated representation of your video wall. Export an image of your video wall configuration and even a mechanical outline drawing of the back of the video wall for use in the sales and planning process.

Visit for more information








The All New CX7 Wired Interface from RTI – Versatile, Powerful Control.

CX7 Wired Interface Description:

From the kitchen to the conference room, the versatile CX7 is perfect wherever “always on”, intuitive control is required. The 7” multi-touch capacitive LCD has adjustable tilt, allowing the display to be angled straight up, to nearly flat. The CX7 can even be mounted inverted, under a cabinet. Additional features include wired and wireless Ethernet for two-way control, digital video (motion JPEG) and web browsing, while analog audio/video inputs and stereo speakers provide convenient viewing of sources such as satellite TV.


• 800×480 Resolution LCD With Integrated Multi-Touch Capacitive Touchscreen

• Composite, S-Video or Component Video Input (480i, 576i, 480p or 576p)

• 7” Adjustable Tilt Display (10°-90°) or CX7 Can Be Mounted Under a Cabinet

• Analog Audio Input and Stereo Speakers

• Integrated 10/100 Base-T and 802.11 Wireless Ethernet

• Proximity Sensor Wakes CX7 Upon Approach by User

• Ambient Light Sensor Automatically Adjusts Screen Brightness

• Built-in High Output IR for Direct Control of Devices

• Integrated Camera & Microphone (Future Intercom Support)

• Powered Using Power Supply, CB8 or PoE (Power Over Ethernet)

• Optional Modules/Processors Provide Two-Way Control

• USB and Ethernet Programming

For more information please visit