D-Tools MVP Manufacturer Partners realize the importance of bringing you their product information and have chosen to support the D-Tools user community by joining the program and making their product data directly available through D-Tools SI software. Read on for the latest manufacturer company news and product updates.


Atlona - LogoSelecting Presentation Switcher/Matrix Switcher Solutions

Often times an application requires different messaging or media in different locations. This means creating a design with multiple displays each with a unique source.  Some examples include training facilities, restaurant display boards, medical rooms, sports facilities, hotels, advertising, sports bars and restaurants and more. These applications require a Matrix switcher.  The matrix switch solves the challenge of managing multiple sources and delivering content in your application.

AT-PRO2HD1616MWith Atlona PRO2HD series of matrix switchers you can extend HDMI and DVI (with the HDMI to DVI adapter: AT14040) sources up to 328ft (100m) at 1080p or 1920×1200. The Atlona HDMI 8×8 and 16 by16 Matrix Switchers allow for effortless control of up to 16 devices through IR remote control, RS-232, 3rd party IR controllers and the front panel. These switchers also feature stereo audio embedding to combine stereo audio with DVI signals over one CAT5e/6/7 cable. To ensure all audio passes through, these matrix switchers support all Lossy and Lossless formats of Dolby and DTS. The PRO2HD series deliver the best quality available with pass through of up to 1080p, 1920×1200, 3D, and Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master audio signals. With support of multiple inputs and outputs as well as modern audio standards the Atlona PRO2HD matrix switchers help ensure seamless communications whether presenting to one person or multiple audiences.



AudioControl Logo300dpiAudioControl Dealers “Pump Up The Volume” With The DirectorTM Series Network Amplifiers

New software version for The Director series multi-channel amplifiers provides discrete volume command functions to compliment existing signal processing capabilities

AudioControl has released a new version of software for their industry leading multi-channel amplifiers, The Director Model D3400 and Model D4400, that will now include complete volume control functions. This new software provides integrators with a number of pre-amplifier capabilities that further expand the capabilities of The Director Series:

Summary Of Key Feature Additions To The Director Series

  • Ability to increase and decrease volume levels incrementally in each zone
  • Set volume level on a per group basis
  • Establish a default “Maximum On Volume” function
  • Receive query commands to identify current known volume status of zones

D3400The AudioControl Director Model D3400 and D4400 network amplifiers are category leading products with flexible digital signal processing that supports graphic and parametric equalization filters for each zone, crossover functions, memory locations along with complete network monitoring of mute status and temperature. The amplifiers are rated at 65 watts per channel (D3400) and 100 watts per channel (D4400) respectfully at 8 ohms but they can also be bridged for increased power level and are stable into low impedances.

The volume control software is now available and is included as part of the firmware with all The Director series amplifiers that are shipping. Command protocols for The Director series are listed on the AudioControl website for available for 3rd party control companies.

The Director Series amplifiers are designed, engineered and manufactured at AudioControl’s factory in the Pacific Northwest, located outside of Seattle, WA. Like all AudioControl audio products, The Director series network amplifiers come with a complete 5-year parts and labor bulletproof warranty.




Autonomic, makers of the finest whole-house music systems, has announced the addition of Tidal lossless streaming for the Mirage Music Players. Tidal subscribers gain access to more than 25-million music tracks in lossless quality. The addition of Tidal’s high-fidelity content aligns perfectly with Autonomic’s ongoing mission to deliver the finest whole-house entertainment experience, including support for high-resolution digital music up to 24-bit/192KHz.

Autonomic - Menu3Tidal has built an extensive catalog of lossless music, highlighted by distribution agreements signed with major labels. Additionally, Tidal has been working with many independent labels to offer consumers a comprehensive catalog that includes a vast array of genres to suit all musical preferences.

Listeners can explore Tidal’s lossless music library using the Mirage Music Player’s TuneBridge™ technology, based on what’s playing at any moment and from any source. Users can search for Artist, Album, or Track on Tidal through TuneBridge and effortlessly create mixed playlists as well, blending content from Tidal along with a locally stored high-resolution music collection and/or other streaming services. Mirage Music Players support multiple Tidal accounts, enabling users to access their cataloged music and preferences specific to their Tidal subscription.

“Delivering the ultimate whole-house music experience is our core focus at Autonomic, and Tidal’s high-fidelity streaming entertainment represents a significant advantage for our integrators in the marketplace,” stated Autonomic CEO Michael de Nigris.

“I am so pleased to see TIDAL’s service available on Autonomic’s whole-house music platform,” explained Pal Bratelund, strategic partnership manager at TIDAL. “Autonomic has been providing distributed entertainment in homes, shops, gyms and even cruise liners for years. Merging Autonomic’s technology with the clarity of lossless streaming from TIDAL takes the performance and value to a whole new level.”



crestron_logo-210Crestron DMPS3-4K-150-C delivers 4K switching and scaling with simple setup powered by the new Crestron .AV Framework

The DMPS3-4K-150-C combines DigitalMedia technology with a built-in IP-based 3-Series Control System®, 10X1 4K multimedia switcher, mic mixer, and audio DSP. The exclusive built-in 4K scaler can transmit any resolution source to any resolution display. It provides everything needed to deliver the highest-performing presentation experience possible.

Crestron - DMPS3-4K-150-C_Front_Left15The new standard for every room
The all-new DMPS is ideal for classrooms, small and medium conference rooms, and huddle spaces. Because it’s built on the Crestron .AV Framework, it’s ready to go right out of the box. Simply connect your cables, select your sources and displays, and the system is up and running without custom programming.

Create an instant switching system by connecting up to four Crestron Connect It™ (TT-100) cable caddies. The source selection buttons and feedback work as soon as you connect the USB cables. Meeting or class participants simply connect their laptops with the Connect It device at the table or lectern, and then just tap the “Show Me” button to immediately display their content.

Setting up display control is easy
Using an iPad®, computer, or pre-loaded touch screen (model TSW-752-B-DMPS3_PAK), select your display and .AV Framework does the rest.

Seamlessly add wireless
Wireless BYOD presentation capability can easily be added by connecting Crestron AirMedia™ (AM-100) to the HDMI port.

Centralized monitoring and control
With its built-in 3-Series Control System®, the DMPS3-4K-150-C is a network-grade appliance with high-speed Ethernet connectivity and enterprise-level security. .AV Framework enables DMPS3-4K-150-C to directly communicate with Crestron Fusion® enterprise management software, right out of the box. So, all connected rooms across the campus can be centrally monitored and controlled from a single dashboard – all without any custom programming.





Draper Announces Yet Another ISF Certification

Draper, Inc. has announced its TecVision XH900X Grey projection viewing surface has been certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) for excellent color reproduction and fidelity. XH900X Grey performs very well in moderate ambient light, is well suited for high resolution content, and is 4K ready. This latest announcement means the entire TecVision Engineered Surface Technology line is now ISF certified.

TecVision_XH900X_GreyTo be certified by the ISF, a screen has to have a flat spectral response—or color fidelity. In other words, the screen cannot affect the color of the image enough for the human eye to perceive.

Traditionally, projection screens have fooled the eye that things are brighter by using blue tints, according to ISF President and founder Joel Silver.

“The problem,” says Silver, “is if you accentuate the blue that means you aren’t getting the greens or reds you need to build a color-accurate image. We want to take whatever the artist created and bring it to the screen with fidelity.”

“We basically tie ourselves into something called a pure white matte screen –a screen that is a reference color,” Silver says of testing projection screens for color performance. “Neutral white … not a hint of tint to it. The picture you get is what was it was meant to look like from the factory … not tinted.”

Currently available in six exclusive formulations, TecVision features white surfaces with gains ranging from 1.0 to 1.9 over remarkably wide viewing cones, and grey surfaces with excellent performance under higher room light levels. All TecVision surfaces are also 4K ready, but what most impressed Silver when certifying TecVision is the ability of some of the high gain surfaces to deal with ambient light while preserving color fidelity.

“Finding the color fidelity of high gain materials close to that of no gain materials was wonderful!” Silver says. “Gain without a price to pay is a wonderful thing. I knew from measuring luminance even without the specifications that these screens were high gain, but I wasn’t seeing the penalty of color shift.

“It’s a great challenge,” Silver continues. “Adding gain without paying a penalty in color fidelity requires careful engineering. Compliments to the engineer!”



eiki_logo_enEIKI just announced its new EIP-XHS100 DLP projector. It’s an excellent choice for business, church and educational markets when you need high resolution and brilliant images. With flexible installation features including horizontal/vertical lens shift, keystone and corner-keystone correction this new DLP projector is the perfect projector for those mid to large venue locations.

EIKI - EIP-UHS100_XHS100The EIP-XHS100 has native XGA resolution, and is compatible with inputs up-to UXGA and WUXGA.  And, with 8000 ANSI lumen brightness and a 2400:1 contrast ratio you’ll get the beautiful images you expect. The EIP-XHS100 can display both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, and supports most HDTV resolutions. There are many optional lenses to cover a range of 0.75 to 8.56:1 throw ratios. The new EIP-XHS100 has built-in Edge Blending and Image Warping capabilities and a Lens Memory Feature that allows up to 10 saved settings for easy set-up.

Visit EIKI at to find your local dealer, or call 800-242-3454 for more information about the EIP-XHS100 or any of EIKI’s wide selection of projectors.








ELK Products is a leading designer and manufacturer of customized security, energy management and convenience solutions. For over 20 years, ELK has created a trusted brand with simple, yet innovative products that have now become industry standards. ELK’s customer service and tech support are world class;  they stand behind the products they sell and offer superior industry warranties.

ELK - interfaces2014The ELK M1 Security and Automation Control incorporates security, fire, door entry control, plus energy and task management to provide total control of a home or business. With an integration friendly approach, working with products from over 40 partner manufacturers, the M1 provides a truly flexible solution. This IP accessible system offers simple, yet powerful on-site and remote user interfaces, giving the consumer full control anytime, from anywhere.  Options for remote control include software and apps with no monthly fees, as well as fee-based cloud services.








         Need a Lift?

Fortress - lift-set

We all need a lift from time to time and Fortress is here to help make that happen.

For many years Fortress produced healthcare seating for outpatient treatments like dialysis and chemotherapy.  Besides being functional the seating had to be comfortable as people would be undergoing these treatments for long periods of time.

No different for this lift chair.  The comfort is the same, but the dual motor allows for either reclining and, when needed, a little help getting out of the chair and on to your feet.

View more useful accessories here

Made in the USA for over 70 years






It’s annual award season and GoldenEar is thrilled to announce that the Triton One has received multiple honors. Honored by The Absolute Sounds 2014 Product of the Year AwardsThe Absolute Sound as one of their highly coveted Products of the Year. In this case, specifically, The Mid-Priced Floorstanding Loudspeaker of the Year. This is a very important honor, of which we are very proud. As reviewer, Anthony Cordesman wrote, “The Triton Ones are one of the best buys in speakers I’ve had the chance to hear at anything like their price”.

In addition, the Triton One was also honored by Home Theater Review, with their coveted Best of 2014 Award (Image attached). Home Theater Review surveys all the products they’ve reviewed in the past 12 months and picks the ones that stand out as the best of the best. Selecting the Triton One, they said, “We reviewed both the Triton Seven and the flagship Triton One this year. While the Triton Seven is an outstanding speaker in its own right, if you have the means, Dennis Burger recommends that you step up to the fantastic Triton One, calling it as close to perfect as any speaker he has heard in a long time. What more can we say?”

And, at the other end of the price spectrum of GoldenEar’s product offerings, our little, but mighty, $800/pair Aon 2, was a runner-up for Stereophile’s Speaker of the Year Honors, which were shared by slightly more expensive loudspeakers, selling for $39,900 and $48,500 a pair!



HDAnywhere LogoHDanywhere’s Modular 8×8 matrix now available from WAVE Electronics.

British brand of video distribution and signal management products HDanywhere, who this month signed up to the D-Tools Manufacturer Vantage Point (MVP) program, are now shipping their Modular 8×8 matrix. HDanywhere’s Modular 8×8 matrix is capable of distributing 4K ULTRA HD* video, 1080p and 3D resolutions as well as 10/100 Ethernet up to 328 ft**. The Modular 8×8 is available to order in the USA exclusively from WAVE Electronics.

mod-88-chassis-frontModular 8×8 matrices feature a patented tray-based loading system that lets installers add modules on site as required, with no need to return the chassis if you wish to upscale or downscale the number of inputs or outputs. The chassis does not have to be purchased as a fully populated 8×8. Each matrix can be ordered to have the exact number of inputs and outputs required (1×8, 3×7, 4×6 and so on). HDMI, HDBaseT-Lite (Class A) and HDBaseT-Pro (Class B) modules can be mixed and matched within the same system, meaning each matrix delivers the exact functionality needed.  You can even integrate remotely-located source devices into the matrix, which can be situated up to 328 ft away from the rack. The Remote Source Integration Kit is perfect for clients that want their games console or a DVD player to remain under a living room display for ease of access.

Modular 8×8 has a suite of advanced features, including 4K ULTRA HD* support, CEC control of the matrix and displays, two-mod-88-chassis-backway IR, remote online monitoring of the matrix, and system administration via webOS. Control is delivered via IP, RS232, CEC and IR.  Control drivers are available for AMX, Control4, Crestron, Savant, Loxone, RTI, URC, ProControl, DemoPad, iRule and Fibaro.  Visit to download drivers for free and learn more about Modular 8×8. To order, visit



ICRealtime Logo


We would like to wish all of our Dealers, Distributor and Reps, a Happy Holiday season and a safe and prosperous New Year

IC - 2015

We invite you to join us at CES
January 6-9, 2015
Las Vegas, NV

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IC -720 Car



Lilin_LogoThe LILIN IPS4304E is an outdoor-ready PTZ dome IP camera designed for surveillance applications that require fast, accurate zooming capabilities with a 30x optical zoom. With its IP66 rating, wide dynamic range, and overall rugged design, the IPS4304E is a perfect solution for large outdoor public areas, schools, airports, parking garages, and marinas, as well as the perimeter of large residential properties and estates. Its 1080p HD resolution image captures small details crucial to investigations, such as license plate numbers, while its precise pan/tilt response results in better views, especially over uneven terrain where the camera can be tilted to overcome obstacles in the way while viewing an object.

LILIN - PTZ-outdoorThe IPS4304E can automatically move between up to 128 preset positions for customized intelligent operation in a tour, and has privacy masking for up to 16 different zones. It can be successfully deployed with optional LILIN NVRs, 2D and 3D keyboard controllers, infrared receivers and controllers and is esthetically designed to blend in with most applications.

This 30X PTZ is just one of LILIN’s innovative product line which includes their covert camera and day & night 4K camera, “touch screen” NVR, Navigator Server with License Plate Recognition option, 360 degree camera technology and their new Z-Series line of cameras. The FREE LILIN viewer application is also available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices to view your commercial business or residence remotely, allowing a user to view any live or recorded video from LILIN video surveillance products.

LILIN is leading the way with residential, commercial, hospitality and retail video surveillance. LILIN has partnered with Control 4, Crestron, AMX, Savant, RTI, Universal Remote Control, Core Brands and to bring leading solutions to the market. In addition, Elang! integrates with LILIN products using the popular ONVIF interoperability. For more information, please visit, or e-mail us at




kramer_logoKramer VS−211HA: More Efficient, Reliable Auto Switching

Kramer Electronics announced today the release of the VS−211HA, an auto switcher that allows flexible, active switching based on real signal detection.

VS−211HA can switch inputs while keeping the output active and HDMI links alive, making it more efficient and reliable than a standard standby switcher. Users can easily select between auto switching (last−connected or priority) and manual switching modes (manual and manual override), offering use−case flexibility.

VS−211HA detects real HDMI signals instead of just 5V presence, allowing auto switching only to sources actually in use. HDMI 5V output turns off when no inputs are connected to enable cascaded setups and to let displays go into sleep mode.

The Kramer VS−211HA offers full signal re−clocking and parallel analog audio and HDMI switching. VS−211HA also features HEC, ARC and 3D pass−through and supports full HD video up to 6.75Gbps (2.25Gbps per graphic channel).








January 2015 is an exciting time for video distribution, because that’s when LEAF’s new 4K UltraHD line is Leaf - LU1082Back-LRscheduled to ship!  This is the first HDBaseT line on the market to be enabled with the new HDCP 2.2 chipset, making it first in its class, and the best way to make your distributed video systems ready for the future….today!  Call or email today for more information.



nexus-21-logoNexus 21 Concealment Systems achieves another significant step forward in the expansion of its global presence this week with the announcement that UK-based firm, World Marketing Associates, will be representing its full product line in Europe, the Middle East, Russia and Africa.

“This is an exciting step forward”, said Nexus 21 Vice President, Tim Dobson. “We have been providing products to professionals in the EMEA territory for years, but now everything is accelerating. There has been incredible growth this year, even more so since the CEDIA Expo, and the demand for concealment solutions around the world has skyrocketed. It was clear to us that it was time to create a relationship with a firm that shares our drive and desire to provide the absolute best products and service to the EMEA markets. WMA is the perfect fit and we are very happy to be partnering with them.”

ARCD-10144Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Nexus 21 is the world leader in the production of TV lifts and concealment solutions for use in both residential and commercial applications. Nexus products are widely used, and have become the choice of professionals worldwide for their projects in hotels, yachts, and luxury homes.

The company works closely with Joe Manning, of International Sales, for representation in North America, Asia, Oceania and Latin America. The new relationship with WMA means that Nexus 21 now has sales representation in every major market in the world.
NuVoNow Shipping: The NEW NuVo P300 Player Preamplifier!



Introduce the expansive variety of Internet Radio and streaming networked content even to zones requiring specialized power NuVo_P300components, with the NEW P300 Player Preamplifier! Part of the NuVo Player Portfolio, the flexible P300 connects to any external amplifier and can be configured wirelessly or through Ethernet cable to offer incredible built-in source selection from online services and personal libraries, while also featuring intuitive and convenient app control.

Features Include:

  • Provides access to streaming Internet Radio from services like Pandora and Rhapsody, as well as to content stored on networked drives, mobile devices, or computers
  • Connects wirelessly, via the GW100 Gateway, or by Ethernet to the home network for seamless integration into NuVo Player Portfolio systems
  • Mini-TOSLINK fiber optic digital input and output for integration with A/V receivers or Home Theater systems, enabling the highest possible audio performance
  • Attractive contemporary industrial design discreetly fits into small spaces



Pro-Control-LogoPro Control products include handheld remote controls, control processors, and advanced software for efficient programming and integration. The completely customizable color touchscreen handheld remotes can act as stand-alone remotes or sync with control processors using IR, ZigBee®, or RF communication. The control processors provide rock-solid reliability and conveniently operate from our sophisticated remote and Apple® iOS devices. Efficient wizard-based PC programming and cost-effective price points make Pro Control products the dealer’s choice.

Pro Control - Dec.There are a few important factors contributing to Pro Control’s instant success in the marketplace. Of these, the most important is that our products are so affordable. On top of being customizable, powerful, and elegant, the line is priced right. In addition, dealers love the Pro Panel® app for iOS, which offers affordable control and feedback when utilizing the ProLink.z processor.

Pro Control programming software offers integration with iPad® and iPhone® devices and provides control and feedback from A/V receivers, music servers, lighting systems, climate control, door locks, and more. And the software is automated, so dealers can create powerful control solutions in a matter of minutes. Also, dealers can customize the look of the remote.  Finally, the control processors are faster and more reliable; utilizing superior processing technology which stores macros in the processor.

The programming software allows limitless options, and is only available to integrators.

All dealers are welcome to the software- simply register at The products range from MSRP $249 to $449.



TORUS POWER LOGO 2013-SEP Gladstone MediaGreetings of the season to all from Torus Power!

20/20 Magazine is a Canadian business publication that has been “setting the standard for manufacturing intelligence” across Canada since 2006. The latest issue features an interview with Steve Nolan, Vice President of Sales and Operations for Plitron Manufacturing, parent company to Torus Power. The article is entitled Plitron: Helping computers and AV equipment operate at peak performance. The article begins:

The electricity that comes into Canadian homes and offices is ‘dirtier’ than ever. By ‘dirty,’ we mean this electricity is corrupted by signal-disrupting harmonics that have been added by connected devices such as home appliances and computers

These harmonics get added to the main power supply because the electricity we use flows through our devices and back out into the grid — just like a river of water flowing through a town. In a very real sense, the power we use is getting ‘polluted’ and the more devices we plug into the grid, the greater the signal pollution becomes.

Read the entire article here:

Best wishes for 2015 – health, happiness, peace and prosperity!



TruAudio LogoTruAudio presents the Golden Ticket getaway to Las Vegas!

We’re going to treat three lucky TruAudio dealers to the full Vegas experience January 6-9, 2015! Three dealers—and yes, you can bring a friend— will get a 4 day trip to Las Vegas, including airfare*, 3-night accommodations, and tickets to a spectacular Las Vegas show. Oh, and did we mention tickets to the world famous Consumer Electronics Show to geek out on all the tech you want! On your “free time,” release some steam and enjoy everything else Vegas offers.

TruAudio-Golden-Ticket-TruNews-01Where’s this ticket to paradise you ask? It comes in the form of a Golden Ticket placed in three different shipments each containing one of our new cutting-edge speakers rolling out on November 25: three new REV6P in-ceiling speakers, the SLIM-PWR44 Soundbar, and the AS-2 Acoustiscape speaker. Three tickets will be headed to any region, any town in the United States & Canada.  We have no idea where or to whom they are going. Your guess is as good as ours. The more you order, the better your chances of finding a Golden Ticket hidden in your next shipment…good luck to you from your TruAudio family!

*TruAudio will cover up to $500 in airfare




Vaddio New LogoVaddio Announces a New and Enhanced PTZ Camera for its Industry Leading ClearVIEW Line of Solutions ClearVIEW HD-20SE Features Advanced ISP, Excellent Low-Light Capability and Full HD Performance

Vaddio has combined the best features and functions of its’ ClearVIEW HD-18, HD-19 and HD-20 line of cameras into the all-new ClearVIEW HD-20se.  This new PTZ camera features an advanced Image Signal Processor (ISP) and encompasses the innovation of the HD-18, the low-light capability of the HD-19 and the Full HD performance of the HD-20 ClearVIEW camera line.

“At Vaddio, our legacy is developing products and solutions around our customer’s needs,” explained Ed Ellett, President and CEO of Vaddio. “We are excited to deliver a PTZ camera that not only combines the very best features of our existing ClearVIEW line but also improves its image quality with a new and highly advanced ISP.”

Vaddio - HD-20SECamsA major innovation to the HD-20se camera is its advanced 1/2.8 – Type Exmor CMOS high speed, low noise Image Signal Processor. This advanced ISP provides exceptional low-light performance, rated at 0.3 Lux, and includes sharp detail technology for vivid color reproduction and auto-sharpening for image detail.

In addition to the advanced ISP, the HD-20se comes equipped with a 20X auto-focus zoom lens providing a 63-degree wide to 3.47-degree tele horizontal field-of-view for a wide range of applications.

Outputs include native 1080p/60 digital HDMI and analog component video resolutions ideal for the most demanding HD camera applications including House of Worship productions, Pro AV system integrations, distance learning classrooms, live events and UCC applications. Like all Vaddio cameras, the HD-20se is designed to work with the pioneering and industry standard Quick-Connect camera interface systems that allow integrators easy CAT-5 cable installations.