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Active Thermal Management, experts in quiet thermal protection solutions, has announced the introduction of their new IMG_3946Quad-cool Enclosure Cooling System. Quad-cool was developed specifically for ventilating racks in cabinets and closets. Designed to bring fresh air in at the bottom of the cabinet, it consists of 4 very quiet 120mm fans controlled by a two-stage thermal control module, all mounted to a steel plate . The plate installs over a cutout in the floor of the cabinet, and a metal or wood intake grille is installed in the toe kick. The plate extends only 3/32” above the cabinet floor; racks can slide in and out without interference.

The thermal control turns the fans on in low speed mode  at 90F, and switches to full speed at 100F. Both the low speed cut-in temperature, and the speed of the fans in that mode are adjustable. Full speed is activated should the temperature at the remote sensor rise 10 degrees above the low speed cut-in temperature. The Quad-cool from ATM is available now.





pb-235 with BTAA-50

Atlantic Technology, a world leader in advanced acoustics for loudspeakers, has introduced a new version of its full-range H-PAS™ PowerBar home theater soundbar with a $100 lower price and the inclusion of an advanced Bluetooth adaptor. The new Atlantic Technology H-PAS™ PowerBar PB-235-BT is now shipping with a new suggested retail price of $799.

Each PB-235-BT includes one of the company’s BTAA-50 Bluetooth adapters that features aptX processing for CD quality audio streaming, “tap and pair” with NFC equipped devices, and AACX decoding. The PB-235-BT soundbar is otherwise identical to its predecessor, and uses H-PAS™ technology to deliver exceptional audio performance on movies and music without the need for an external subwoofer. The bar can be mounted above or below a flat-screen TV either on a shelf or wall-mounting bracket.


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Atlona is excited to give you a first look into two new products that are releasing early next month – The HDMI

AT-HDTX-WP HDMI to HDBaseT Transmitter Wall Plate

Transmitter Wall Plate and Power Over Category Cable (PoCc) Mid-Span Power Supply.  These two amazing additions to the Atlona portfolio are as powerful as they are cost effective!

The HDMI to HDBaseT Transmitter is the latest addition to the Atlona Wall Plate family.  It is perfectly designed for your in-wall installation and features some of the industry’s most powerful new technologies such as HDbaseT and Power over Category cable (PoCc).


Higher Resolution at Longer Distance

PS-POCC Mid-Span Power Supply

Now you can extend your 1080p HDMI signal input as far away as 230ft (70m) and Ultra HD (4Kx2K) up to 130 ft (40m).

Now you don’t need to connect your transmitter or receiver separately to a power outlet. With the Atlona Mid-Span Power Supply, you can power both TX and RX simultaneously. Featuring Power over Category cable (PoCc), the AT-PS-POCC is the ideal companion for Wall Plates.





Upgrading from Analog
After years of pioneering digital media technology, Crestron continues to advance the only complete end-to-end digital network solution. Since 2009, Crestron DigitalMedia has been the choice of the most prestigious companies and universities, as well as military installations. Crestron is the only company that offers a complete product line to deliver a fully engineered, field-proven, end-to-end digital solution. DM® offers an extensive selection of transmitters, wall plates, input/output cards and receivers. No other solution offers more products that are designed to work together so perfectly for any application. Our HDMI extenders and switchers are fully 4K-compatible. DM streaming capabilities enable high-definition signal distribution over existing infrastructure, removing any distance limitations and allowing for the routing of signals wherever new wires can’t be run. Ideal applications for DM streaming include digital signage, mobile device connectivity, and signal routing between buildings or global offices. With so many practical applications, no DM system is complete without streaming.
DM cable makes it easy to upgrade existing analog systems, including PVID, QM, IM and 3rd party switchers. See how easy it really is to swap out the gear and upgrade to Crestron DigitalMedia.

Crestron DigitalMedia™ from Analog
+ Replace existing CNX-PVID8X3s with a DM solution
+ Control and HD signal over a single Cat5e wire
+ Same wiring scheme as PVID, no new wires to run
HUGE OPPORTUNITY: Thousands of PVID systems out there waiting to be upgraded!

Up to Six by Six HD Zones
When using six or fewer inputs and outputs on the PVID
+ Upgrade all sources to HDMI® output sources
+ Replace PVID with a DM-MD-6X4 or DM-MD6X6
+ Replace up to 5 CNXRMCs with DMRMC-100Cs
+ If the first zone is not local: add a HD-ETX3-C

4K is here, make sure your clients are ready!
+ Card- and blade-based switchers support 4K
+ New HD-EXT-3C and HD-EXT-4C extenders deliver 4K now
+ 100M @ 1080p
+ 70M @ 4K with Crestron 8G cable
+ 50M @ 4K with Cat5e

When using all 8 of the inputs and outputs on the PVID
+ Replace CNX-PVID8X3 with a DM-MD-8X8
+ Replace all CNXRMCs with DMRMC-100Cs
+ Populate the chassis with appropriate input cards
(DMC-HDs or DMC-HD-DSPs) and output cards (2 x DMCO-55s)

To learn more, visit


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Kramer Introduces the VP−460, a 3−Input Analog & 3G HD−SDI ProScale™ Presentation Scaler/Switcher
The VP−460 has three video inputs and two video outputs. It scales the video to a maximum resolution of 2K, embeds vp-460the audio and simultaneously outputs the signal to the HDMI output as well as a digital audio output. The VP−460 features Kramer’s PixPerfect™ precision pixel mapping and high quality scaling technology to scale the video signal, as well as Kramer’s ultra−fast Fade−Thru−Black (FTB™) glitch−free switching technology.

The VP−460 supports HDMI and HDCP, as well as HDMI Deep Color. It also includes advanced input and output EDID management and an option for selectable power saving modes. As part of a new line of presentation scaling switchers, the VP−460 offers an attractive feature set that includes Picture−in−Picture functions, luma−keying, 2K resolution, picture zooming, and more.

With RS−232 or IR control, the VP−460 is ideal for broadcast, professional AV installations, churches, lecture theaters and training rooms. It provides smooth switching and precision scaling when used with DVD players, satellite decoders, document cameras, and videoconferencing systems delivering the desired native resolution of the display device and enabling fast glitch free switching.

The VP−460 is currently in stock and available from Kramer Electronics sales companies around the world.


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Noble Fidelity L-85 mk II

On the heels of’s stellar review of the Noble Fidelity L-85 mk II in-ceiling/in-wall loudspeaker system (, Noble Fidelity’ L-85 Mk II has won a prestigious Best of 2013 Award ( “For in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, there might not be a more hip, helpful, and audiophile-savvy player in the space. The L-85 Mk II offers spectacular performance, and you won’t likely find any company that’s more willing to help you make the most of your speaker placement, setup, and installation. Add in green building advantages and sustainability, and you’ve got a winner with Noble Fidelity.”






Renowned Musical Institutions Upgrade with Vaddio PowerVIEW Camera Technology
The Grand Ole Opry and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum Choose New Line of Vaddio PowerVIEW HD -22/30 Professional HD Robotic PTZ Cameras

The Grand Ole Opry is the show that made country music famous. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum houses the most important collections in rock and roll history. Both reflect some of the most significant movements of 20th-century America. And Vaddio is there to capture every history-making moment.

“We are extremely proud to support the Grand Ole Opry and the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame with the next generation HD-22 and HD-30 PTZ cameras,” explained Vaddio CEO, Rob Sheeley. “Having Vaddio’s PowerVIEW cameras installed in such renowned institutions is a real honor. As an American manufacturer it is our privilege to be associated with two of the finest American musical institutions in the world.”