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Specialist UK magazine, Home Cinema Choice feature Artcoustic Loudspeakers in a 5 page review in their latest issue.



Artcoustic - Home Cinema Choice


We are very proud to have been awarded their coveted ‘Reference Status’ and 5 stars.“If you’re serious about home cinema at the premium level and are planning a projector based dedicated room, then these need to be on your shortlist.” – Home Cinema Choice Magazine Editor, Mark Craven


026-031_artcoustic_hero_Reprint.inddArtcoustic - Home Cinema Choice 3

Read more here:

Atlona - LogoAtlona HDVS Solutions

Atlona HDVS

Atlona’s HDVS family functions as complete input selection and control in a simple system. It was designed to smooth the transition from analog to digital displays in schools and businesses. The HDVS series of products were influenced by the challenges of distance and cabling and the need to have a solution that is simple to install and easy to use. For source input Atlona offers two simple solutions. One is a wall plate style unit that can be installed in a two-gang wall outlet, tabletop port or podium. Additionally a custom plate can be ordered through an Atlona partner that will fit inside a floor box or a tabletop connection panel.

Atlona Wall Plates

Atlona also has a tabletop version that comes in a box unit that can sit on top of a table or be hidden inside. Both of the transmitter units offer VGA connectivity with audio embedding. The wall plate version offers a single HDMI connection and the box unit has two HDMI connections. When a source is connected via HDMI or VGA cable to the Wall Plate or Box unit the input is automatically switched to the appropriate connection. This auto-switching feature is one of the primary reasons that this product is so easy to use. Diagram A single category cable runs from the transmitter unit to the display, which is being fed from the wall plate. It is able to deliver a clear image as well as control for the projector from the RS232 port. The receiver unit also includes a built in scaler to ensure that the image looks correct on the display each time a source is connected. To lean more about the HDVS service visit



Belden Launches Custom Broadcast Cable Assemblies

Belden Inc., a global leader in signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications, announces the addition of the custom made pre-terminated cable assemblies for the broadcast and pro AV markets. Belden - Custom-Broadcast-AssembliesBelden offers a wide range of cable assemblies in custom lengths using SMPTE 311M, tactical fiber, coax, triax, and audio cables paired with industry-leading connector brands.  All assemblies are manufactured to Belden’s strict quality standards and undergo rigorous testing to ensure reliable signal transmission. Product highlights include:

  • Wide range of high quality Belden cable and industry leading connector brands to meet installation requirements
  • Standard and custom lengths available
  • Saves install time and reduces labor costs in the field
  • Only requires a five day lead time on standard assemblies

For more information about Belden custom broadcast cable assemblies, please visit or call 1-800-422-9961. The explosion of digital television, on-demand content and mobile devices has the broadcast industry investing in its infrastructure to meet increasing demand. Belden is right there, helping them deliver solutions with its industry-leading cable along with its Miranda Technologies and PPC brands. Belden provides production, distribution, networking infrastructure and connectivity systems for television broadcast, cable, satellite and IPTV industries. In addition, Belden’s PPC brand—the world leader in coaxial connectivity technology—serves the terrestrial broadband, satellite and telecommunications industries.



Crestron Now Shipping Industry-First End-to-End DigitalMedia™ 4K Distribution System

Solidifying its leadership position in 4K Ultra HD, Crestron is now shipping the AV industry’s first and only end-to-end 4K distribution system.

“DigitalMedia is more than ‘4k ready’; it’s 4K already,” said Tom Barnett, Marketing Director. ”In fact, DM was built to handle 4K since our very first 8X8 switcher. While others are ‘getting ready,’ we’re shipping a complete 4K solution today. Now, your customers can distribute 4K and other resolutions, such as 2560×1440 output from Apple® laptops, that require more signal bandwidth than switchers designed for 1080p and 2K distribution can provide.”

The new DM products now shipping include the DMC-4K-HD Input Card, DMC-4K-HD-DSP Input Card, Type 8 DMCO Output Cards, DM-RMC-4K-100-C DM Receiver, DMB-4K-I-HD Input Blade, DMB-4K-O-C Output Blade,  HD-EXT3-C Extender, HD-XSPA AVR with integrated DM Receiver, HD-RX3-C Receiver, and HD-TX3-C Transmitter.

Crestron - dm4k-comp_large-2

For a limited time, Crestron offers discounts when you upgrade card-based DM systems with the DM 4K Upgrade Program. Upgrading to 4K is as simple as swapping out cards and receivers. Crestron will ship the 4K replacements to dealers in advance so there’s no down time for their customers. Even better, Crestron will restart the 3-year warranty on the chassis if all eligible cards in the switcher are upgraded. Crestron_4kAdditionally, the Crestron 4K Certification ensures that sources and displays meet the demands of a 4K distributed system. Crestron engineers in the DigitalMedia Lab rigorously test 4K products to ensure they work in a matrix-switched environment. Only those that do are awarded the Crestron 4K Certified logo. Finding a database of 4K products your can trust is as simple as visiting   Learn more For more information on DM 4K products, end-to-end 4K distribution, and the Crestron 4K Certification program, visit



 Sit Back and Relax
Theater Seating Designed to Your Specifications

Fortress - motor-head1

Motorization provides infinite back and head support adjustments.  Keeping in mind that not everybody is the same size, our Motorized Adjustable Head Rest actuators allow for a four-inch range that adjusts to accommodate everyone assuring that you can watch your movie in comfort.  It’s almost like you were designing your own chair! At FORTRESS, we believe you should get what you want and because our forte is customization, we’ve been doing just that for over 70 years.  The adjustable headrest mechanism can be incorporated into most chair models.  Featured model:  Windsor View more motorized accessories:

  Made in the USA


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ISC West Show Daily Show News  
IC Realtime-Ferrari (2)


Dmitry Kozko, R&D division president, Matt Sailor, founder and CEO, and Bob Odierna, chief operating officer, all of IC Realtime, with the Ferrari racecar that serves as the test application for the company’s 720-degree camera.




IC Realtime Redefines ‘High-Speed Video’ with New 720-Degree Camera

When it comes to finding a testing ground for new products, many companies look for “the Ferrari of the (insert vertical market here) industry”. IC Realtime, however, has taken the whole Ferrari thing literally. To test its dual-lens, 720-degree camera and viewing platform, the company installed its IC720 camera atop Scuderia Corsa’s Ferrari 458 Italia No. 63 car, which is currently competing on the Grand-Am Rolex GT circuit in the U.S. circuit after winning the 2013 championship. The team supports the racing needs of Ferrari clients through turnkey programs such as GT endurance racing, the North American Ferrari Challenge Series and track events. This particular test application was ideal for IC Realtime because, as CEO Matt Sailor says, the company originally spec’d the technology for automobile racing. The reason? “It’s one of the most extreme grounds we can get our hands on,” he says. Better yet, IC Realtime didn’t have to approach Ferrari; it was the other way around. “That’s how excited they were about the technology,” Sailor says. “It’s extremely gratifying because Ferrari doesn’t really partner with anyone.” IC Realtime worked closely with the race team to incorporate the camera into the racecar to stream high-definition video to mobile devices at speeds topping out above 100 MPH. Currently, the camera is used in practice laps and plans are in the works for it to eventually be used during racing as well. The mobile part of the solution is another unique aspect of the technology. Using an iPad, for example, a user can access the camera and view the scene all around the camera, 360 degrees left to right and another 360 degrees up and down. To view different areas of the video, the user can swipe across the screen or use movement of the mobile device itself. It’s similar to a number of mobile games on the market now. And because the user is accessing the video, rather than the camera itself, multiple users can view and explore all aspects of the video simultaneously. The camera and viewing technology IC Realtime is currently using with Scuderia Corsa will soon be available for all types of surveillance applications, which Sailor says “will be an industry game-changer.” If you hadn’t noticed already, the Scuderia Corsa Ferrari racecar is here at ISC, parked prominently at the front of IC Realtime’s booth. Attendees can see for themselves how both the roof mounted 720-degree camera and viewing platform work, as well as view race footage IC Realtime also has on-hand to show the system’s performance at high speeds.




Key Digital is proud to present a groundbreaking family of Digital IQ Series™ HDBaseT/HDMI via Single CAT5e/6 Matrix Switchers (KD-HD8x8Lite, KD-HD6x6Lite, KD-HD4x4Lite), combining bulletproof HDMI matrix switching AND Compass Control® – the first fully integrated major control system built from the ground up to use Apple’s iOS devices from Key Digital. All in one system!

Digital IQ Series™ HDBaseT/HDMI via Single CAT5e/6 Matrix Switchers
 Key Digital HD8 KD-HD8x8Lite – 8 to 8 HDBaseT/HDMI via Single CAT5e/6 Matrix SwitcherKey Digital ExtenderIncludes 8 KD-CATHD250POHRx
Receiver Extenders


 Key Digital HD6 Key Digital ExtenderKD-HD6x6Lite – 6 to 6 HDBaseT/HDMI via Single CAT5e/6 Matrix SwitcherIncludes 6 KD-CATHD250POHRx
Receiver Extenders


 Key Digital HD4 Key Digital ExtenderKD-HD4x4Lite – 4 to 4 HDBaseT/HDMI via Single CAT5e/6 Matrix SwitcherIncludes 4 KD-CATHD250POHRx
Receiver Extenders

Training Session on Compass Control® & HDMI Products – Domestic Dealers
Key Digital CompassJoin us for an exclusive Key Digital® training session on Compass Control® and many other award-winning Key Digital® HDMI products. You’ll learn basic, intermediate, and advanced programming methods, and how to increase the reach of your Compass Control® System by utilizing control routing via Key Digital Matrix switchers.

  • Day 1: HDMI Plug & Play, Compass Control® C1 (Basic) Introduction and Programming
  • Day 2: Building Compass Control Video, Audio, Control Ecosystems, Introductory Compass Control Programming, and Product Library Management
  • Day 3: Getting Graphical: The C3 Template Building Methods
  • Trainees will participate in Compass Control® C1*/C2 Level Certification Exams, and begin programming of C3 Certification Project (*C1 Required to become a Compass Control® Dealer)

Dates: May 7-9, 2014, July 9-11, 2014
Time:9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Location: Key Digital HQ
521 East 3rd Street
Mt. Vernon, NY 10553

Travel & Accommodations
Hotel / Lunch Included
Please bring a PC or Mac with VM Software (Windows)

Register Now


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Kramer Introduces the PT−1C EDID Processor


Kramer Electronics, a worldwide supplier of innovative and reliable signal management products, is pleased to introduce the PT−1C EDID Processor.

The PT−1C draws its power from the HDMI cable and is housed in a compact Kramer Pico−Tools™ enclosure.  The key to its versatility are the four DIP−switches located on the back panel.

Kramer pt-1cMany installers have experienced problems with the way Apple handles HDCP, especially when integrating Video Conferencing systems.  One of the DIP−switches on the PT−1C turns HDCP on or off.  When placed immediately downstream from a Mac with the HDCP off, the Mac outputs a non−encrypted signal that solves these issues with Apple’s implementation of HDCP.  The PT−1C does not bypass HDCP rules and cannot remove HDCP from a signal if it is present.

Another DIP−switch on the PT−1C limits color depth.  In situations where bandwidth on certain legacy equipment does not support Deep Color, the PT−1C can be used to ensure that only 8−bit color is passed.

The audio DIP−switch provides a means for limiting the output of an upstream device to 2−channel LPCM (Linear Pulse Code Modulation) for cases where the target EDID is asking for an audio type that other system devices do not support.

Finally, the EDID lock switch allows the user to lock in the EDID from the connected display or other displays/EDID sources.




Luxul is pleased to announce the start up for a discussion group created in LinkedIn for Luxul product installers and users. This is a place where we encourage users to ask questions, get answers and share ideas with a community of Luxul Xen users. This group will be a place for open discussions on IP networking, as well as a place to get the latest news on Luxul products. We welcome anyone interested in the field of IP networking or anything related. To join the Luxul Xen group click on the link

Luxul will also be providing free webinars through a series of 5 courses. The “How to Setup a Kickass IP Network in 30 Minutes or Less” series is designed to discuss and demonstrate how simple and easy it is to setup a residential or commercial network using the latest networking technologies including: Multi-WAN Routers, Managed Gigabit Ethernet/PoE Switches and Concurrent Dual-Band Wireless Access Points. For the details on the series refer to the event calendar on out website at


noble fidelity

“For the past several years, wider distribution and recognized name brands have become big trends in the custom electronics space. But Noble Fidelity aims to buck those trends with exclusive limited distribution of its high-performance in-wall/in-ceiling speakers.” So says CE Pro editor Jason Knott in his recent article.

Noble-Fidelity-L-85-mk-ll-in-ceiling-speaker-review-tiltedAdded Noble Fidelity’s Greg Ford, “Take a look at some of the great loudspeaker companies that are shadows of their original incarnation, gone, or are now huge brand names in their second, third, or fourth ownership by companies that largely know the audio business from the perspective of a balance sheet.”

Check it out the full article here and see why you need to consider Noble Fidelity:



Tune into More Favorites with Android Direct Streaming for NuVo’s Player Portfolio

Nuvo Nexus10_Android

With the latest update to the NuVo Player app, the Player Portfolio components can now also stream content stored on any connected Android mobile device directly through the NuVo system. This feature joins the players’ already incredible built-in source variety of streaming Internet Radio and networked libraries, for an audio solution designed to give customers access to anything and everything they want to hear.

For more information on the NuVo Player Portfolio, click here.

Building Better Networks with Versatile Solutions by Legrand

Nuvo Family_Livingroom_tablet_iconsBe prepared for the demands of even today’s most tech-heavy homes with On-Q networking solutions by Legrand, enabling the highest level of performance and reliability by covering all the bases. Offering the most innovative and highest quality components for wired, wireless, Powerline, and Coax networking, On-Q’s solution-driven approach to networking allows you to handle the traffic of modern life by best fitting the desires and devices of each specific home.  

Build better networks for successful projects, and satisfied customers, with Legrand.  To learn more about the versatility of On-Q’s networking options, click here.


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Now Shipping! Paradigm Soundscape 5.1-channel Soundbar

Powered 42˝ 5.1-channel soundbar with dedicated Music and Movie Modes, Paradigm Virtual Surround, Bluetooth with aptX technology, Dolby Digital and Hex Codes

Paradigm Electronics Inc. has announced that it is shipping its five-channel Soundscape music and movie soundbar, the latest offering in its popular SHIFT Collection. This powered five-channel soundbar, designed to deliver surround sound for larger flat panels, 50” and up, boasts four powerful polypropylene woofers, three pure-aluminum dome tweeters and low-turbulence ports, positioned at either end of the bar. What separates this soundbar from others in its price category? Three things: Build Quality, Price and Performance. With a high quality fit and finish, the affordable Soundscape is stylish yet unobtrusive, simple to install, easy to operate and gives custom integrators the flexibility to tailor the audio experience for the end user. Customizable features include: dedicated music and movie modes, treble/bass adjustments, virtual surround on/off, renaming of sources and IR learning.

Paradigm Soundscape_No_Grill_Accessories

Paradigm’s engineers have achieved an extraordinarily wide soundstage with superb stereo separation. Highs are exquisite, clean and clear, midrange performance is rich and authentic and movie dialog comes through particularly clean and clear. The DSP-based amplifier supplies deep, articulate bass to each of the four high-power polypropylene woofers so that an external subwoofer is welcome, but by no means necessary. Bass aficionados can add an external powered sub to the system and even run the sub wirelessly since Paradigm includes an adaptor plug and wireless receiver in the package. The DSP-based amplifier includes both Dolby Digital and DTS decoding.

The Soundscape’s rear panel offers digital optical and analog stereo inputs and includes: 2 x Optical SPFIF, 1 x Coax SPDIF, 1 x Analog RCA Right/Left, 1 x Sub-Out and Bluetooth (wireless). Analog outputs are included for wired subwoofer connection. Connections can be made via the soundbar or through the television itself, increasing the amount of inputs and improving the user experience. It’s all easy, and in just a few minutes you are immersed in your favorite music, movie or video game.

For more information on the Soundscape, visit the Paradigm website:





Planar Introduces Two New Simplicity Series Digital Signage Displays

The new 46” and 55” displays round out the Planar Simplicity Series, offering a full range of sizes for digital signage applications

Planar recently announced the addition of two new sizes to its Planar® Simplicity™ Series line of edge-lit LED displays, offering customers a broad range of choices for deploying simple, sleek and affordable digital signage displays. With the addition of the 46” and 55” models, customers now have four sizes from which to choose, making the Planar Simplicity Series a highly versatile solution for a wide variety of commercial applications including retail stores, restaurants, corporate meeting rooms, fitness centers and museums. Ranging in size from 32″ – 55″, the Planar® Simplicity™ Series line of LCD displays for digital signage incorporates media playing, a sleek design and commercial functionality into an affordable digital signage solution.
Planar Simplicity Family Image Portrait_smaller

The Planar Simplicity Series redefines simple signage, both in terms of functionality and design. With built-in media playing, the cost and complexity of installing third-party media players is eliminated. Planar Simplicity Series displays are easy to install and allow users to create and display content using tools they already have—including videos, photography from cell phone cameras, stock photos and music libraries.

From a single-display installation to a multi-display network, the Planar Simplicity Series was designed to bring simplicity to nearly every digital signage project. The displays are highly versatile, supporting playback of a wide variety of media formats. They also come with a full array of inputs and can be controlled remotely through LAN or RS-232.

In terms of design, the displays feature an elegant, slim profile—less than 1.7” deep— blending naturally into any environment and achieving compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements for protruding objects in public spaces.In addition, the bezels contain no distracting logos, keeping the focus on the content itself. Moreover, the displays use LED backlight technology allowing the displays to operate at industry-low levels of power consumption, making them highly energy efficient.

Planar Simplicity Series displays are available through Planar’s network of authorized resellers. Visit Planar’s You Tube channel to watch a video about the Planar Simplicity Series or visit for more information.



DMA-1508 Multi-Channel Amplifier / Processor

Pro Audio Technology of Lake Forest California has announced the release of the DMA-1508, a 1-RU multichannel digital amp with dealer-programmable DSP features. The compact eight-channel design provides a comprehensive suite of system calibration tools that make even the most advanced commercial or residential audio systems quick and easy to deploy.

Pro Audio - DMA Front IsoFlexible by design, the DMA-1508 ships configured as an eight channel unit featuring 2 x 300 watts and 6 x 100 watts of high-efficiency Class-D amplification in a chassis weighing less than 10 pounds.  Each 100-watt channel pair can be bridged independently to create an additional mono channel delivering 300-watts, meaning integrators can deploy the DMA-1508 in configurations of 3x300w / 4x100w, or 4×300 / 2x100w, or for a maximum total power of 1500 watts, a 5×300 watt version.

In all of its possible power configurations, each channel of the DMA-1508 is controlled by the same proprietary state-of-the-art DSP software used to program PRO’s larger PMA amps.  Features include programming for each of PRO’s loudspeaker and subwoofer products, brand specific compensation filters to adjust for screen attenuation, and environmental compensation filters for speaker placement near boundaries.  Advanced controls include eight bands of parametric equalization per channel and independent channel gain and delay to allow integrators to optimize system low-frequency performance.  

Pro Audio DMA Rear Iso High Res

The gain of the DMA-1508 is also perfectly matched to PRO’s PMA amps, making it possible to mix and match the amps in larger systems.  Advanced internal signal routing and looping outputs also make the DMA-1508 easily scalable for large distributed audio systems.




RTI has recently introduced the RP-4 control processor, the CX7 countertop/under-cabinet touchpanel, and the next-generation AD-4x and AD-8x audio distribution systems.



The RP-4 processor is designed to provide reliable one-way operation of electronic systems in single-room installations. The unit boasts an integrated 433-MHz RF receiver, four assignable IR ports with adjustable output, two voltage sense inputs, and two programmable relay outputs; all in one compact, affordable package. Perfect for use with any RTI 433-MHz wireless interface, the processor also supports one-way control via the RTiPanel app, allowing users to incorporate their smartphones and tablets easily into their control system.

RTI_CX7Designed for hard-wired installations on a countertop or under a cabinet, the sleek CX7 touchpanel stands out from the pack with a number of flexible installation options. For example, analog audio and video inputs — composite, S-video, and component — allow users to view and listen to sources such as satellite TV on its adjustable-tilt, 7-inch multi-touch capacitive touchscreen LCD and integrated stereo speakers. The unit also features wired and wireless Ethernet for two-way control and digital video (motion JPEG). In addition, a built-in camera and microphone will offer intercom capabilities in the future.

The AD-4x and AD-8x audio distribution systems provide switching, amplification, and distribution functions for whole-house or facility-wide audio. Containing both a matrix switching pre-amp and built-in 25-watt-per-channel Cool Power® amplifier, the units achieve amazing flexibility with four and eight local audio source inputs, respectively, that can be further enhanced with remote sources. The devices feature built-in Ethernet for two-way control and feedback over the LAN, while new Web-based interfaces allow for simple configuration via any Ethernet-enabled device. Up to eight AD-4x and AD-8x units can be stacked for a maximum of 64 output zones, while pre-outputs enable the connection of amplifiers for even more power and speaker outputs.










Tributaries NEW Series 6 Power Cables

Tributaries proudly announces the Series 6 Power cables engineered by Jay Victor for superior sound quality. The 6P cables are available in two versions a 3 pole version; 6P-IEC (Nema 5-15P to IEC C13) for pre-amps and power amps and a 2 pole version; 6P-C7 (Nema 5-15P to IEC C7) for DVD players,  CD players and set top boxes.

Tributaries cable_1Tributaries cable_2

The Series 6 Power cables are engineered with large gauge wires (14AWG) which won’t starve power amplifiers of current. Designed exclusively for Tributaries by Jay Victor these cables are designed primarily for low frequency signals of 50/60Hz with conductor size and gauge combinations specific for this purpose.  PVC dielectric materials were chosen to isolate vibration caused by alternating current from entering the signal path. For power cables, noise rejection is critical, and these Series 6 power cables rely on propriety winding techniques and triple shielding to ensure the lowest noise floor for your sensitive source components.

The Series 6 Power cables are available now in 3 foot, 6 foot and 9 foot lengths. Call Tributaries at 888-554-2514 to order your set and enjoy the difference it will make in your audio system.


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Incorporate PC-Based UC Applications into Professional AV Designs

Vaddio’s AV Bridge MATRIX PRO and AV Bridge Conference provides integrators AV room solutions for USB/IP applications

Vaddio launches the AV Bridge Matrix PRO, a complete professional AV solution designed to reduce the complexity of designing USB systems that need to support multiple cameras and microphones in meeting rooms and lecture capture classrooms.  Based on Vaddio’s award winning AV Bridge Technology, Matrix PRO adds audio and video mixing functionality directly into the AV Bridge.

Vaddio - hires-AV-Bridge-CONFERENCE

“The challenge with designing USB systems has been the limitation of a PC and its ability to support only one camera and one microphone on a USB System Bus,” explained CEO, Rob Sheeley.  “The AV Bridge Matrix PRO gives integrators the ability to add multiple cameras, microphones and other AV devices into PC based system room design.  It then manages the complex process of mixing, switching and controlling those devices into a single USB stream. We believe that this will be an easier and more cost-effective solution for our integrators who are designing lecture capture and UC conferencing systems. Vaddio - hires-AVBridgeMatrixPRO

Vaddio also launches the AV Bridge Conference, providing integrators the ability to integrate soft codecs, including Skype, Cisco Jabber and Microsoft Lync, into traditional AV designs.

Based on UVC/UAC USB standards, no special USB drivers need to be installed, and as a result, AV Bridge Conference works seamlessly with any software application running on any operating systems that supports USB 2.0 devices. Whether you want to do a Microsoft Lync video call or need to set up an audio conference, the AV Bridge Conference provides the USB connection to your AV system.  Want to record or stream a meeting? Use the recording and streaming software of your choice – and AV Bridge Conferecne will connect the audio and video sources.




The WyreStorm EX-1UTP-IR-70-AMP – Transmit.  Receive.  Amplify.  Extend. 

Want to distribute an HDMI source to up to 7 screens covering total distances up to 500m with superior audio capabilities and enhanced control but don’t need a matrix switcher? Functioning essentially as a one-output matrix,the WyreStorm EX-1UTP-IR-70-AMP is a single cable extender set, and then some.

Comprising of a Class B 70m HDBaseT transmitter with bidirectional control via IR and RS232 and the award-winning WyreStom HDBaseT Class D Digital Amplifier as the receiving device, the EX-1UTP-IR-70-AMP enables a single HDMI source to be distributed over distance, with the flexibility of the AMP offering superior audio and control capabilities at the display zone.

WyreStorm EX-1UTP-IR-70-AMP a

The inclusion of the AMP as a receiving device not only greatly improves audio quality compared to the native audio of commercial TV displays, it also opens up further opportunities to extend transmission over HDBaseT up to 7 times for scalable single source distribution, with each display point benefiting from two-way IR, addressable serial control along with 3:1 audio switching including local audio input, ARC and 25w 2.1ch audio functionality of the AMP – all over a single Cat5e/6 cable – for the most effective and flexible method of single-cable distribution and control of an individual source available.

WyreStorm EX-1UTP-IR-70-AMP b

For more information, visit