CEDIA EXPO 2014 is right around the corner! Be sure to visit D-Tools MVP Partners at the show to see their latest solutions.


Atlona - LogoBooth 1035


Atlona - CEDIA

Here’s your chance to win a Fender Stratocaster Guitar!




Stop by the Atlona CEDIA booth #1035 Thursday (9am-6pm) and Friday (9am-2pm) and enter your name. Winner will be announced on Friday 9/12 at 3:00pm at our booth. Must be present to win.

Manufacturer Training: The Most Valuable 90 Minutes You Will Spend at CEDIA

Atlona will be hosting a manufacturer training session featuring our Single Room AV solutions, Multi-Room advanced AV systems and light commercial applications. Not only will this be the most valuable 90 minutes you will spend at CEDIA, but you will also receive CEDIA credits for attending. Use code 2292 for a FREE pass!  At the end of class Atlona will raffle off an Atlona KITPROHD3 testing and installation kit, must attend class to be eligible to win.


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Booth 882



AVProAlliance will be the only booth to feature the Quantum Data 780 line of handheld test instruments.  The 780 series handheld test instruments for HDMI® are battery-powered, portable video and audio generators and HDMI  analyzers that enable you to conduct quick, on-site verification testing and troubleshooting of your HDMI and digital video networks and analog video displays.

There are four (4) 780 series models available:

1) 780 Handheld Test Instrument – operates up to 225MHz

2) 780A Handheld Test Instrument – operates up to 300MHz

3) 780B Video Generator / Analyzer – operates up to 300MHz

4) 780C Multi-Interface Interoperability Tester – operates up to 300MHz

Quantum-Data-300x253The 780C is the newest addition to the family, and because the 780C instrument has both HDMI/HDBaseT output and HDMI/HDBaseT input ports, you can test your HDMI/HDBaseT cables and systems with splitters, extenders and switches even when already installed on site using the Frame Compare feature.

The 780C can also be equipped with the optional Auxiliary Channel Analyzer (ACA) utility for monitoring the HDMI or HDBaseT DDC (HDCP and EDID) transactions and hot plug events. The ACA option enables you to monitor the DDC either while emulating an HDMI  or HDBaseT source and/or sink or passively monitoring the HDMI DDC, hot plug events and CEC messages between an HDMI  source and sink.

The 780Cs’ portability makes them ideal for your bench and for use in the field. A color touch display makes the 780C easy and convenient to use and when testing a source device you can view the incoming video image and metadata on the built-in LCD.

Stop by booth 882 for live demonstrations!


CHIEF_LOGO_2CBooth 346


Chief is bringing its latest installer-inspired innovations as well as a few tried-and-true favorites to the Sanus booth at CEDIA 2014. Don’t forget to add booth #346 to your list of stops Sept. 10-13.

ConnexSys_penguinsMaking its debut at the show is ConnexSys™, Chief’s revolutionary new video wall mounting system. Chief set out to create the best video wall system – a system that solves the most common problems installers often run into on the worksite. The company achieved those goals with ConnexSys. The solution improves the video wall experience in the areas of speed, alignment, serviceability and rigidity, the main pain points for installers. Be sure to stop by for a demo!

You also won’t want to miss Chief’s new In-Wall Storage Boxes. These new accessories provide an organized, recessed space for routing excess cables and for attaching surge protectors/power conditioners. Pair with Chief’s Thinstall™ Swing Arm Mounts for the perfect home theater set-up.

Other products on display include the LCM1U Fusion® Flat Panel Ceiling Mount. The mount offers perfect TV positioning and flexible adjustments for large flat panel screens and is a great alternative to traditional wall mounting.

But if a traditional wall mount is what you need, turn to Chief’s LTMU Fusion Large Micro-Adjustable Tilt Wall Mount. The installer-inspired tilt wall mount solves top flat panel installation problems, offering perfect display positioning and post-installation fine-tuning for large flat panel screens.

Last but not least, Chief is bringing its classic RPA projector mounts to the show. Chief set the industry standard for projector mounts by integrating easy-to-use features that save time and maximize projector security.

So when you’re at CEDIA 2014, don’t forget to stop by booth #346 and get a look at Chief’s world-class AV mounting solutions.





Booth 940



Clare Controls Adds Modular Matrix Switches to Media Distribution Family

New components reinforce Clare’s commitment to meeting the requirements of the widest range of custom integrators.

Clare mod.32x32Clare Controls originally launched its line of HDMI and HDBaseT components to fill prominent voids integrators encountered in the media distribution market.  Today the company added important elements of flexibility and high performance to that family with the debut of its MOD Series modular matrix switches.

Clare is delivering the MOD Series switches in both 16 x 16 (3 RU) and 32 x 32 (5 RU) configurations.  Both products boast a 10.2 Gbs backplane that supports hot-swappable I/O cards, also provided by Clare, in HDBaseT, HDMI, and VGA versions.  Both switches can be operated from the front panel, as well as via TCP/IP, RS232, and IR.  The HDBaseT I/O cards add bi-directional RS232 and IR, enabling a broader range of automation control options.

The MOD Series integrates seamlessly into Clare Controls, Crestron, Control4, Elan G!, and RTI projects.  Ideal for use in high-end residential or demanding commercial applications, the switches feature all-aluminum chassis designs with redundant power supplies to keep them running under the toughest conditions.

“The introduction of the MOD Series further demonstrates our intent to be a total solution for our dealers,” stated Hank Alexander, Director of Distribution Sales for Clare. “We are delivering an ever-widening selection of affordable, powerful solutions that provide the highest quality experience possible, with designs calculated to provide optimal performance now and into the future.”



 Booth 1166


Coastal Source is pleased announce our new and innovative system solutions for combining high performance outdoor audio and lighting’s systems.

CS_MODULUSBased on our decades of extensive experience in both audio and lighting the new Modulus line of sound and light components combine these two related fields and needs into one fixture reducing clutter while increasing performance and value.

The Modular design allows the fixtures to grow with your garden facilitating additions and changing of features as required. Start with audio or lighting then add more lighting or audio to the same fixture.

Constructed of solid brass and connected with the Coastal Source patented Plug-n-Play cabling system. There’s also ultimate flexibility in elegant mounting options for integration into landscapes, structures, and trees.

The systems are complete with Oasis streaming receivers, amplification, lighting power supplies, and control systems.

To assist dealers in getting started, full lighting and audio design and engineering services are available. Coastal Source systems and components are sold exclusively through installing specialty dealers.

Coastal Source is an innovative manufacturer of high performance outdoor lighting and audio systems with an emphasis on the very highest quality, reliability, & simplicity. Research and development is conducted in the harsh outdoor environments and in our labs in the Florida Keys. Since 2003, Coastal Source has been providing profitable systemized solutions for professional designers and specialty dealers internationally.



Booth 150


Crestron DigitalMedia™ is More Than Ready for 4K     

With the Super Bowl and summer blockbusters now shot in 4K, you know the ULTRA HD revolution is in full gear! Display prices are coming down fast and new content production is ramping up. Crestron DigitalMedia™ (DM®) is leading the way to 4K for luxury home integrators. At CEDIA EXPO 2014, Crestron will demonstrate the only end-to-end 4K certified distribution solution.

DM 4K ProductsDigitalMedia flawlessly handles 4K signal transport, eliminating the complexities of mixing various high-definition resolutions and video together with audio in one system. DM provides the flexibility to distribute point-to-point, uncompressed video over copper or fiber, or stream content, all from the same card-based matrix frame. It is the only end-to-end distribution system certified by the HDBaseT Alliance. While other manufacturers may offer a certified extender or matrix switch, DM transmitters, extenders, receivers, cables, and switchers are all HDBaseT certified.

To help integrators design and deliver ultra-reliable matrix switched systems, Crestron has introduced the Crestron 4K Certification program. Third-party sources and displays are thoroughly tested and certified by Crestron to guarantee they meet the demands of a 4K distributed system. A scaled version of the massive Creston DM Lab will be at CEDIA EXPO to give visitors a look into the certification testing process.

Viewers are demanding spectacular 4K content everywhere in their homes – without stretched images, dropped pixels, or no image at all. Crestron DigitalMedia is more than 4K ready, it’s 4K already.





Booth 318



Sometimes, for whatever the reason, the seating must be completed on time.  Maybe it’s so the theater can be calibrated or maybe it’s a party. Whatever the reason a theater without seats isn’t a theater. How many times have you been disappointed because the seats did not arrive when they were expected?

Now there is a solution.  Fortress announces a warranty like no other.  For just 5% of your order you can purchase a warranty that guarantees your order will be completed on time or Fortress pays you.

How it works:   Place your order within normal lead times and the completion date is guaranteed.  If we are 1 day late you receive a 10% discount.  After the first week you continue to receive additional 10% discounts for every week thereafter that we are late.

To qualify for a guaranteed completion date the order must be 100% complete at time of submission.  Any changes to the order after it has been entered may void the warranty.  A warranty document with all critical dates will accompany your sales order. This should give you peace of mind knowing you will get your chairs when you expect them.

Fortress reserves the right to withdraw this offer for any reason and at anytime except for orders already guaranteed.

Seating Designed to Your Specifications
Made in the USA




Booth SR-3


GoldenEar CEDIA 2014 Will Feature Our Triton One Home Theater System Plus No-Holds-Barred Dolby Atmos Demo to Deliver the Ultimate Cinematic Sound Experience

GoldenEar Triton Atmos CEDIA SystemGoldenEar Technology’s new Triton One flagship tower loudspeaker system is shipping in August to dealers, and has already created tremendous impact in the marketplace, both as a high-end two-channel stereo speaker as well as the anchor for a superb home theater system. When GoldenEar debuted the Triton One in January at the CES, we focused on two-channel playback in order to demonstrate the superb musical capabilities of this remarkable groundbreaking and award-winning speaker, which we did to unanimous raves.

At CEDIA, we will be showing off the Triton One’s cinematic superiority in addition to its musical excellence, in an extraordinary home theater system incorporating two Triton Ones for front Left and Right Mains, a SuperCenter XL for the center channel, and two Triton Twos as Left and Right Surrounds. A unique aspect of this system will be running a 4-way split out of the LFE into the subwoofer sections of all four Tritons! The built-in subwoofers in each Triton will be functioning both as a dedicated subwoofer on its own channel, as well as one of four subwoofers on the LFE channel. This is a unique set-up that is easily achieved with Tritons, which is absolutely breathtaking in its ability to completely immerse the listener in the LFE soundfield.

In addition, we will also be demonstrating how home theater enthusiasts can
experience Dolby Atmos®, the latest breakthrough in home theater sound. With Dolby Atmos, sound comes alive from all directions, including overhead, to fill the home theater with astonishing clarity, power, detail, and depth. This will be the real deal Dolby Atmos presentation, with four discreet in-ceiling mounted speakers located above the listening area. GoldenEar Invisa HTR 7000 speakers, matched perfectly with the Tritons and installed above the listener will contribute a remarkable and seamless cinematic listening experience, creating a height layer of sound above the listener while being able to place and move specific sounds anywhere in the room. We are very excited about Dolby Atmos coming to the home, especially when executed with great speakers able to both add dramatic atmospheric affects as well as precisely locate specific audio objects and events in a 360 degree hemisphere above and around the listeners. Don’t miss out on this, CEDIA’s biggest and most impressive demo experience! See us at CEDIA 2014, Booth SR-3.


IC Realtime New Logo




 Booth 776



IC Realtime will be introducing an industry first 720 Degree Surveillance Camera, IC720

IC Realtime 360cam-2014-20140113-eg-0011IC Realtime, a global leader in surveillance, and 360Lab, a software company specializing in immersive video technology, have created IC720. IC720′s focus will be on the development of 720-degree (that is, 360 by 360-degree) cameras.

The company’s proprietary software synchronizes both spheres together, leaving no area uncovered.  Developed by 360Lab’s engineers, the camera and software hold 15 patents between them.

The IC720 is designed to offer a 720-degree view with no blind spots or moving parts. Just 2.7″ wide, it is compact and durable.

Different versions of the camera (with interchangeable sensors and lenses to satisfy a wide variety of video surveillance needs) will be available from IC Realtime later this year. IC720 is currently developing a 28-megapixel version of the camera.

Visit www.ic720.com for details and updates



 Booth 420



New products to be showcased at CEDIA 2014:

Key Digital will be showcasing our brand new Master Controller Kit, the KD-CCKIT1000. The KD-CCKIT1000 provides a very affordable single zone system with big price tag features! Also, doesn’t stop at single zone, has all the features and capability to turn into a whole home, bar/restaurant, house of worship, conference, and more. Making it the perfect fit for your next install.

Key Digital CEDIAThe KD-CCKIT1000 consists of the KD-MC1000, KD-ZRC300, KD-ZRX200, and Compass Navigator™ PC Editor Software.  The KD-MC1000 is a smaller unit than the KD-MC25000, with a size of 6.5” x 4” x 1.2”. The KD-MC1000 features 6 multi-functions 3.5mm universal ports for IR/RS-232, 1 Relay port, and 1 ZigBee port for a total of 8 control ports. It offers LAN Based Control via an RJ45 connection. The unit also features sensor and relay control, Indicator LEDs and an IR learning window, which enables learning of any IR code.

The KD-ZRC300 is a ZigBee Wireless 2.4 GHz & IR Universal Handheld Remote Control. It has 48 programmable hard buttons for IR and/or ZigBee commands. It is able to support unlimited macro and variable actions, programmable via USA on PC or Mac with Compass Navigator™ PC Software.

The KD-ZRX200 is a ZigBee Wireless 2.4 GHz range extender for the KD-ZRC300. It will be used in conjunction with the KD-MC1000 and KD-ZRC300 Wireless Remote. The KD-ZRX200 will boost bi-directional ZigBee Wireless 2.4 GHz communication up to 100 feet. Lastly, does not require external power.



Booth 532



NEO S-3 Adaptable for 30m native UHD

NEO-S3 employs world first double ended active augmentation for native HDMI infrastructure, upgrading a passive HDMI cable of up to 30m length to High Speed UHD capable. Powered by PhaseHD of Canada, NEO harnesses the DC, low-speed and high-speed protocols within HDMI in an auto-adaptive package for pristine signal integrity and interoperability.

Kordz - NeoNEO-S3 upgrades pre-existing or new installation long length passive HDMI cables to become High Speed UHD capable. It also buffers the low speed (DDC & CEC) protocols for improved device interoperability. Being detachable enables simpler rough-in of passive cables, connection of active componentry after-the-fact, as well as serviceability for commercial uptime and potential for upgrade path.

Long HDMI cables are typically thick, heavy and inflexible, not to mention performance limited to 1080p, creating mechanical issues upon connection to the endpoint devices. The NEO dongles connect to both ends of the long passive cable, isolating it from the said devices for superior electrical and mechanical performance. Cable strain can be completely mitigated, with mounting depth at both ends reduced to a mere one inch. The circuits auto-adaptively interact to deliver maximum signal integrity at high bandwidth.






Booth 726


Visit the LILIN America’s booth #726 at CEDIA to register to win their newly released Day & Night 4K (4168 × 3062) resolution Ultra HD IP camera. The 4K camera is another product for early adopters to take advantage of for your clients in the high technology marketplace.

Lilin - indoor speed dome-ILILIN will be demonstrating connected home surveillance using both an analog camera system and the latest in IP Video surveillance with their “touch screen” NVR, CMX Server with License Plate Recognition option, 360 degree camera technology, and other products with cameras in multiple form factors like the IR bullet, vandal dome, indoor mini dome, indoor and outdoor PTZ, as well as IP Video PoE+ Ethernet switches up to 1Gigabit. LILIN’s new “Z” series camera line with its auto remote focus option is widely used and is helping drive down IP system costs by reducing installation time by as much as 40% with its time-saving “one click” auto focus.

The FREE LILIN viewer application is also available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices to view your commercial business or residence remotely. This groundbreaking application allows a user to view any live or recorded video from LILIN video surveillance products.  The LILIN Viewer Application can also be used in conjunction with the “Z” Series line of cameras to perform one-touch auto-focusing at the push of a button.

LILIN is leading the way with residential, commercial, hospitality and retail video surveillance. LILIN has partnered with Control 4, Crestron, AMX, RTI, Universal Remote Control, Core Brands and Savant to bring leading solutions to the market. In addition, Elang! integrates with LILIN products using the popular ONVIF interoperability. For more information, please visit www.LILIN.us, or e-mail us at info@LILIN.us.




 Booth 676


Luxul to Introduce Wireless Controller System at CEDIA Expo

Luxul - XWS-1310Luxul’s XWS-1310 Wireless Controller System includes everything a custom installer needs to quickly setup a reliable whole-home or light commercial wireless network. The system includes:

1) One XWC-1000 Wireless Controller
2) Three XAP-310 wireless 300N low profile APs
3) One 5-port PoE switch

The system can easily be expanded with up to 8 APs and is compatible with all Luxul standard power APs as well as high-power XAP-12xx and XAP-15xx series APs. The XWC-1000 controller enables efficient WLAN setup, optimization and management, while minimizing roaming issues typically associated with multi-AP wireless networks. The XAP-310 Access Point uses MIMO 300N technology and is designed to be mounted on a ceiling, wall or other surface. Access Points are PoE powered, requiring only a single Ethernet cable for installation with either the included PoE switch or any other 802.3af compliant PoE switch.

Designed to be both simple and cost-effective to deploy, the XWS-1310 offers an ideal solution for residential and light commercial wireless networks. Other Luxul wireless controller systems with high-power and 802.11ac dual band APs will also be available, while the XWC-1000 can also be purchased as a standalone product for use in existing Luxul installations.

The XWS-1310 and other new Luxul IP networking products can be seen at CEDIA Expo booth 676.




Booth 1250



Monitor Audio In-Wall Subwoofer

Designed to add deep bass frequencies to architectural speaker systems, Monitor Audio’s new in-wall subwoofer design is an amalgam of sophisticated IWS-10 sub-woofer driver, IWA-250 amplifier and IWB-10 back box.

Monitor Audio Group ShotTo provide excellent bass depth with maximum installation flexibility the IWS-10 subwoofer driver is a highly specialised design employing an extraordinarily rigid, flat 10” surface of 10mm (3/8”) RDT® material devised for Monitor audio’s acclaimed ‘Platinum’ series of high-end speakers. The resulting properties of low mass and great strength give the driver the ability to behave as an extremely agile piston, resistant to bending, light enough to deliver an accurate bass response through large excursions, even within a shallow 81mm profile.

Consequently the IWS-10 is sufficiently well specified to generate excellent bass quality in a range of wall, ceiling, even floor locations, ideally but not exclusively with its IWB-10 back box, providing wider retrofit possibilities. It features Monitor Audio’s patented Tri-grip® clamping system which is easier to install and provides three times the surface area of a conventional dog-leg type clamp, offering better overall surface sealing. The IWS-10’s trim-less grille and frame edge are paintable to blend discreetly with décor.

When used with the IWB-10 back box, the IWS-10 return optimum ‘controlled’ performance. The IWB-10 is a sealed pre-construction back box, built from MDF and laminated with a rugged black Sandex vinyl finish. While providing the ideal environment for the driver, the IWB-10 will also reduce the radiation of sound to adjacent rooms.

Completing the trinity is the IWA-250 Class D switch mode amplifier – a slim, powerful dedicated design in a heavy-duty 1U rack mount case. Delivering up to 250watts into 4 ohms, a single IWA-250 will power single or dual IWS-10s to provide higher power levels for larger rooms or to meet customer demands.



Booth 330




Get to know the Legrand 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Put rapid browsing and high-def streaming within reach of more customers with Legrand’s 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch. Matching high-performance with affordability like never before, the DA1008 was redesigned to offer exceptional speed and reliability at a truly accessible price.  Capable of transmitting at speeds up to 1000Mbps on each of its eight independent ports, the switch equips any home with ample coverage and capacity, while fitting neatly into a standard On-Q enclosure.

And, don’t forget to visit booth #330 at CEDIA to see many more innovative On-Q solutions by Legrand, offering everything you need for a truly connected home.




 Booth 330



See what’s new with the NuVo Player Portfolio in Booth #330

Get a closer look at the latest and upcoming additions to NuVo’s versatile Player Portfolio at CEDIA 2014. With feature adds – like direct streaming for content stored on Apple and Android mobile devices –and the introduction of the 3-in-1 P3500 Professional Series Player – which matches extreme power efficiency to excellent sound quality for truly superior amplification – the NuVo Player Portfolio offers a uniquely high-performance whole home audio solution that perfectly fits most any situation. Find out what’s new, and what’s coming next, in Booth #330!




Booth 146



Planar UltraRes Series 4K 98” Display

ultrares combo - CEDIAThe Planar® UltraRes™ Series is a line of 84″ and 98″ ultra HD resolution (3840 x 2160) professional LCD displays that produce resolution and picture quality not before seen in large format LCD displays. With a native 4K resolution, Planar UltraRes Series displays have four times the resolution and pixel density of comparably-sized full HD displays. When displaying ultra HD content, Planar UltraRes Series displays deliver clarity and detail that appears sharp even at close viewing distances – no detail is missed.




Booth 476




KX3 In-Wall Touchpanel Keypad

RTI_KX3Sporting a 3.5-inch color LCD display and five customizable hard buttons, RTI’s KX3 in-wall touchpanel is a unique hybrid device that combines the capabilities of both a touchscreen controller and an advanced control processor within a single cost-effective unit. Featuring all of the benefits of an internal XP series processor — such as two-way control via IP and RS-232, and an astronomical clock — the unit even has a built-in 2.4 GHz ZigBee® antenna for connectivity with RTI wireless remotes. Other advanced capabilities include six voltage sense ports with sense-event capabilities, four relays for control via contact closure, an integrated camera and microphone, proximity and ambient light sensors, WiFi®, and more. The flexible KX3 can be used as an all-in-one, standalone solution for control over electronic systems or integrated as an in-wall touchpanel within a larger RTI control system.





Booth 878



Salamander’s AV Basics Theater Seating, Model TC3

salamander_tc3Salamander Designs, Ltd., a leader in premium quality residential A/V furniture, introduces the expansion of its AV Basics line into the seating category with home theater seating.

The model TC3 by Salamander Designs is a line of stylish, high-quality home theater seating that offers built-in performance and value. Competitively priced and packed with practical features, the TC3’s ergonomic design, generous padding and quality materials provide long-lasting comfort. It is available in easy to care for black bonded leather and comes standard with a motorized incliner and convenient cup-holders. Popular seating configurations including straight and curved rows are available from $1299 per seat and ship within days.An easy clip assembly makes AV Basics seating an excellent turn-key seating solution.

Visit Salamander Designs to learn more: http://www.salamanderdesigns.com/avbasics



 Booth 950



At Savant, our top goals are to help our valued integrators grow their businesses and to give homeowners the best experience in home automation. We’ll be unveiling something big at CEDIA to make those goals a reality—and we think you should see it. You’ve already built an amazing business; now visit our booth to learn how we can help you grow it even further.




Booth 448



Triad - cedia-productsDolby Atmos Enhanced Speakers by Triad:
The launch of Dolby Atmos for the home is one of the most significant events in the home theater category since the launch of surround sound technologies several decades ago.  Since 2012, it has been embraced by all the major Hollywood studios, seven academy award winning directors, and 16 Academy Award-winning sound mixers. All the major electronics manufacturers are on board and now it will be available for home theaters. We will be showing our new Triad Dolby Atmos Enhanced speakers in our booth.

New Designer Series Invisible Speaker Systems:
Triad Invisible Speakers have been among the fastest growing categories in our line. In our booth, you will be able to listen to the DS500SE speakers. We will also be showing the new entry level DSi-1 that sells for $500 each, the stereo version DSi-2dc ($700 retail) and the DSi-3 ($700).

3 New Lower Priced Rounds:
At CEDIA we will introduce 3 new lower priced open back, round speakers with designer friendly magnetic grills and a thin bezel design. They look and sound great. And they are priced so that you will more easily be able to specify Triad ceiling round speakers in price sensitive distributed audio applications.

New InRoom and OnWall SlimSubs:
Triad now offers 3 versions of our critically acclaimed high-performance SlimSub subwoofers to fit virtually any application (InWall, InRoom and OnWall).

The new InRoom Bronze SlimSub
is only 4.3 inches deep and takes up almost no floor space. When laid down, it becomes a down firing subwoofer that can be hidden under furniture with just 5.1 inches of height clearance.

The new OnWall Bronze SlimSub with the E-Z mount brackets is quick and easy to mount on any wall.

The InWall Bronze/4 SlimSub fits flush in a standard 4 inch deep stud wall. This is an amazing subwoofer and was a “Top Pick” by Sound and Vision Magazine.

New OnWall MiniLCR 3.0 and 3.0SE Soundbars:
These are the best sounding soundbars that we build. Designed for larger sized displays, they have been re-sized to be thinner and easier to install with E-Z Mount pass through mounting.


TruAudio Logo


Booth 840


TruAudio CEDIA

TRUAUDIO will be featuring several live demos and new products at CEDIA, Booth #840.  Don’t miss your chance to meet the team and win our exclusive custom tower speaker package.

SLIM-H2O is designed specifically for outdoor environments.  The SLIM-H2O sports 3 channels of 6 sealed and very active 3.5″ drivers, impenetrable air chambers, and 2 zinc powder-coated grills.  Every bit of hardware has been replaced with UV grade plastic and paint, galvanized or stainless steel; even the end caps and mounting brackets have been reworked to keep H2O away while great sound just keeps pouring out.

SLIM-PWR-44’s clean design and less than 3” depth allows you to match the flattest flatscreens. The internal amp provides you with optical digital coax and analog inputs – get the audio source right from the TV with less wiring and hassle. Bluetooth capable, wireless, and sub output with receiver! (remote included)

Acoustiscape 6”-The AS-2 is the latest member of TruAudio’s line of best-in-class landscape speakers. The 6.5” driver gives premium full range sound with the same great look of the AS-1. This speaker is perfect for bringing full sound to the most premium installs. 8Ω, 70v, 100v, mounting post included, optional wall mount bracket available.

Pendant 8”-The TruAudio Pendant speaker gives great audio coverage for any open or high-ceiling architecture. Perfect for commercial or residential applications, this speaker can be used in any 8Ω, 70v, or 100v system. The sleek modern look will please designers with the most discerning taste. Dress it up with the included decorative stem or dress it down for a more classic look. Color options: white/black, mounting kit included.





 Booth 284


Wisdom Audio demonstration to feature true line sources in all channels, delivering the ultimate Home Cinema experience.

Wisdom Audio Line SourcesWisdom Audio’s true line sources bring three main advantages: better clarity, more power over distance and higher sensory envelopment. All of these benefits combine into creating a significantly larger sweet spot within the seating area for a true, shared experience. Everyone gets a money seat.

“Because true line sources effectively eliminate deleterious floor and ceiling reflections, they are also ideal for rooms with architectural challenges including cathedral or coffered ceilings and hard floors. Our line sources allow our integrators to deliver amazing performance with confidence in all of their clients’ living spaces,” said Wisdom Audio’s Jon Herron, VP Sales.

Wisdom Audio’s demonstration will feature the cornerstone of their Wisdom Series, the LS4i Reference Line Source In-Wall, behind the screen, with six Sage Series L75m Line Sources as surround channels. “Everyone at Wisdom is excited to unleash this amazingly seamless and immersive system at Expo,” said Jerry Hanna, VP of Product Development. “All 18 seats are in for a treat!”

For more information, please visit www.wisdomaudio.com or call (775) 887-8850.