The Company
To say that Xantech Corporation is a “Control Company” is an accurate observation.

Xantech has provided consumers with technology that enables them to operate their audio/video systems via remote control since the early eighties. One of its first A/V devices was the Xtralink, an IR receiver that enabled users to place their VCR in one location while controlling it from another spot in the room. As satellite dishes grew more prevalent, Xantech billed Xtralink as a device capable of controlling satellite receivers.

Today, Xantech – which is headquartered in Sylmar, California – boasts an extensive product line, manufacturing system controllers, LCD touch panel controllers, amplifiers, IR receivers, remote control switchers, modules and connecting blocks, emitters, volume controls, and accessories to the residential and commercial markets. At InfoComm 2004, the company conducted its first official rollout for commercial users by highlighting Xantech’s LCD touch panel control technology. The opportunity to enter the LCD control market with key features such as the self-contained CPUs allows Xantech to compete with other major players.

The Challenge
And what a number of products there are! According to Morris Bekas, V.P of Sales and Marketing, making dealers aware of everything that Xantech is able to provide is one of the most significant challenges the company faces. “We have so many different types of products in the IR and RS232 control world,” he says. “Dealers don’t realize that we have so many products available. Getting the message across so that people know what we have to offer is our biggest challenge.”

The Solution
In 2002, Xantech’s management began familiarizing itself with D-Tools Si. “What was important to us with respect to D-Tools is that it is very important to dealers that really want to grow their businesses and use all of the latest, up-to-date technology that is available to them,” Bekas explains. “D-Tools has done a spectacular job of keeping up with the dealers that want to be at the front end of the business; those who are really committed.”

Bekas points to D-Tools as a way of enabling dealers to conduct the design and specification process more efficiently. “It helps with the design and specification of building materials, and really gives them that extra helping hand,” he says.

For manufacturers, partnering with D-Tools can result in elevated status among dealers. “If your products are incorporated into D-Tools, you can increase your credibility with the integrators in this business,” Bekas declares. “It’s like businesses that don’t advertise in the yellow pages: if someone requires a product or service, they turn to the yellow pages. If you are not listed, you are not going to get that call. I see that concept going hand in hand with what we are doing with D-Tools.”

Xantech Corporation
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