D-Tools has announced that their corporate blog, A View from the Top has now been launched.  If you do not know what a blog is you can read a definition here.   This is the voice of the actual people that sell, develop and support D-Tools software products.   This blog is intended to be informal, informative and uncensored.

It has been up just over a month and there is already a lot of great info that you as a customer can comment on.  The blog is a great way to receive SI tips and tricks and to tell us what you want as a D-Tools customer. You are able to subscribe to the RSS feed to keep up to date on the entries. Updated information from the feed is automatically downloaded to your computer and can be viewed in Internet Explorer and other programs, such as Google Reader.

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Read insightful articles from D-Tools Founder and President Adam Stone, as well as our Marketing, Sales, and Development teams, including answers to common questions, tips and tricks, and ways to enhance your business processes. D-Tools blog has been broken down into six themes to go along with the main theme of the blog.

1. Presidents Perspective – Written by D-Tools founder and President, Adam Stone. Adam will write about anything that interest him as it relates to software and general business process management.

2. Destination Development – Co-written by the senior members of the D-Tools development team. Solid technical information on or development and QA process.

3. CTOutlook – Written by D-Tools CTO, Corey Krehel. Corey is especially adept at translating business needs and processes into working software.

4. Product Plus – Co-written by the D-Tools Product Team. This is everything from how we take a client request to specification to working code to training and documentation.

5. Spin Central – Written by D-Tools VP Sales/Marketing, Tim Bigoness. Tim will weigh in on topics that impact our market and how we approach our sales and marketing communications.

6. Technical Terminal – Co-written by our technical support team. Tips and tricks, how to’s and videos on relevant support issues.

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