We have worked together to provide a new solution for printing professional quality cable labels with P-touch PC connectable label printers. End users such as audio/video designers and installers, as well as system integrators who use D-tools unique system integrator software to design, estimate and manage their products can now easily print cable labels directly from D-Tools System Integrator 4.5 software. This gives integrators, designers and installers the advantage of producing legible and extremely durable P-touch laminated labels, and helps eliminate costly problems caused by illegible, handwritten or incomplete labels, at a price that’s more cost effective than other methods.

Brother’s specially formulated P-touch Flexible ID tape is designed for wrapping around cylindrical surfaces, including wrapping and flagging cables and wires. Its unique adhesive allows tight wrapping without uncurling, and allows the tape to stick to itself for secure flagging and tagging. The flag labels help improve communication to everyone involved in a project, as more information can be added to the cable label – for example the installing company and logo can be added, as well as who to contact if a wier has been inadvertently cut.

“Cable label management is a critical part of every system integrator’s productivity. Brother is pleased to be working with D-tools, an industry leader that has been recognized and awarded for its innovations in important technologies for system integrators,” says Duane Yamashita, Marketing Manager for Brother International Corporation. “Marking cables with P-touch laminated labels satisfies labeling concerns over readability, accuracy and dependability.” This new integrated cable label management solution offers audio/video designers and installers a seamless and cost-effective way to print P-touch laminated cable labels directly from D-Tools System Integrator software, instead of running multiple, unlinked programs.

“We are very excited about working with Brother because this solution enables us to provide software that touches each phase of system integration projects – improving the quality of tasks accomplished, and ensuring that end users will not need to make software changes for each client and for every label printer,” said Adam Stone, President of D-Tools. “We are pleased to be incorporating Brother’s quality P-touch® products that are known for producing durable and legible labels. We will also be directly reselling selected P-touch models, such as the PT-9500PC.”

Brother currently markets more than 20 different P-touch Electronic Labeling Systems, encompassing handheld and desktop models and computer connected label printers. PC connectable units include models PT-9600, PT-9500PC, PT-1650, PT-1950/60, PT-18R, PT-3600, PT-2600/10, QL-500, QL-550, and QL-650TD. With ink sealed between two tough polyester laminates,

Brother’s patented P-touch laminated labels are durable against extreme temperatures, moisture, abrasion, fading, exposure to chemicals and moisture, and other harsh conditions. The variety of P-touch tapes includes standard laminated tapes, available in dozens of sizes and colors; extra-strength adhesive laminated tapes for rough, textured or slippery surfaces; flexible ID tapes, for wrapping and flagging sharply curved surfaces, including cables and wires, and tamper-evident tape, designed for asset management.