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Controltech switches to D-Tools for winning proposals, winning projects, and satisfied customers.

Controltech, located in Chihuahua, Chih., México, is dedicated to the installation of automation, security, access, and AV for both residential and commercial spaces, as well as the resulting comfort, safety, efficiency, entertainment, and peace of mind of its clients. Owner Juan Clement recently worked with a homeowner who wanted to have as much control as possible in his new house, with Controltech providing all the high-tech systems. Clement and his team came on to the project via a common friend, who had already received a proposal from another integrator. Not a company to shy away from a little competition, Controltech invited the homeowner to its showroom to see what its systems were capable of.

2015-10-24 14.20.37Thanks to the company’s impressive showroom and demos, along with a little help from D-Tools System Integrator (SI) software platform, Controltech ultimately won the bid. Previously, Clement had used Excel spreadsheets to manage project processes, but was looking for a more robust solution that would create efficiencies, save time, offer a more organized way to work, and present better quotes and schematics. “D-Tools helped us to present a more professional quote, faster, and get the job,” says Clement.

And when a job has as much wildly varying equipment as this one, thorough and professional proposal and design software is an absolute2015-10-24 13.54.28 must for ensuring accuracy and minimizing changes down the road. The home includes a Control4 home automation system with five thermostats across the home for climate control. With 80% of the lights integrated, the homeowner can access lighting scenes with just a finger swipe on an iPad or any of the Control4 touchscreens in the house.

2015-10-24 13.50.03For audio, Controltech designed 10 zones using new and legacy equipment, including Yamaha and Denon receivers and Sonos sound bars and Play1 units. A dedicated home theater features an out-of-this-world 7.4-channel surround system that includes speakers from Klipsch and subwoofers by Episode and Polk. An Epson projector shines onto a 106” projection screen. Outside, 18 zones of irrigation are connected to the central control system, along with six Hikivision security cameras. When a visitor rings the doorbell, select TVs turn on to show who is at the door, and the doorbell chimes over the speaker system. Controltech also integrated a DSC house security system, which offers functionality such as motion sensors triggering certain lights to come on during the night for added safety.

D-Tools SI was used to help Controltech manage all these various connections and reduce time spent during programming. “Using SI’s schematics, we were able to make sure that all cable required for the installation was included in the quote. We simulated the installation, and if something was missing, we added it before sending the final proposal,” says Clement. “It’s also easier to track changes to customer requests, quicker to present any updates or changes to the quote, and, most important, by using the schematics we know how to solve any issues we might have in the future.”

Now, this homeowner has a secure home, no wall acne in sight, complete lighting and climate control, whole house entertainment, and is loving his system. Meanwhile, ControlTech is relying more and more on D-Tools System Integrator to continue to win bids and create winning projects. That means happy clients, and happy clients become repeat clients.