•           Labor was not allocated efficiently
•           Proposal generation timely
•           Overlooked miscellaneous items, resulting in inaccurate tracking
•           More efficient labor allocation

Based out of San Clemente, CA, Cinema Solutions is a system integration company specializing in high quality custom electronic design and installation of high end audio/video and home automation systems for the residential market and commercial market.

Best Practices:

•           Developed more professional proposals in less time
•           More efficient labor allocation
•           More accurate tracking per project
•           Increased time management

Bill Coblentz, Founder of Cinema Solutions, first heard about D-Tools in 2003 at the CES show in Las Vegas.  He viewed a presentation at the D-Tools booth and as their company continued to grow, soon D-Tools was adopted into their business plan.  Prior to D-Tools, Cinema Solutions operated its business through the use of QuickBooks and proposals.  “We were too limited in what we were using and D-Tools is highly specialized for our unique market, so we felt it was a perfect fit for the direction we wanted to take our business,” said Coblentz.

Coblentz saw what options D-Tools offered integrators, and although he looked into other options, he felt they didn’t come close to what D-Tools presented to his business.  He wanted the details, professionalism, various options and business management that D-Tools software delivered.  “D-Tools gave us more detail in every aspect, and it offered the necessary tools to make everything about a job easier,” said Coblentz.

In addition, D-Tools helped Cinema Solutions develop a method of creating more professional proposals at a faster production time.  “We turn proposals out quicker at a more professional level.  Because of the professionalism D-Tools gives us, we sell and close more jobs, and the client feels comfortable spending a large amount of money because they are confident that we will get the job done right,” said Coblentz.

Additionally, since D-Tools helped Cinema Solutions create more professional proposals, it has contributed to an increase in profitability. Coblentz noted that prior to the addition of D-Tools, a $300,000 proposal can now be closed at $400,000 because of the client’s perceived quality and professionalism of the proposal.

D-Tools software also allows Cinema Solutions to easily get an order together and account for accessories, so nothing is forgotten, while correctly allocating labor.  “Our time management has increased through the use of D-Tools because we can charge the correct amount for labor.  We are able to allocate our hours correctly, and we can track all our supplies right down to the every day small items,” said Coblentz.


The incorporation of D-Tools software has helped Cinema Solutions with marketing and networking, so more clients can be reached.  “D-Tools has helped bring in more customers because we can show our clients and architects our attention to detail and dedication in our proposals, and the word gets around resulting in more work,” said Coblentz.

Cinema Solutions is also maximizing the profitability per project.  “Our smaller jobs which used to be $30,000 and now closing at $55,000 because the project is presented as well organized and precise, so it’s allowed us to sell at an enhanced price,” said Coblentz.  Cinema Solutions is experiencing as much as a 20% increase in revenue growth since its incorporation of D-Tools.

They are also working at a much faster pace, turning out more work in less time.  “My time is money, so D-Tools is very valuable in that it has increased our ability to get work done. Our business management is significantly faster as well,” said Coblentz.  So significant that Cinema Solutions is currently experiencing a 20% increase in work productivity.

In addition, Cinema Solution’s customer satisfaction has increased by 20%.
“Our customers are happier because they can see the value on paper, and how every part of their system is put together.  They can actually see a nice looking diagram which gives them ease of mind and gives us credibility,” said Coblentz.

“I love the system that D-Tools offers.  With anything this detailed, of course it does take some time to get up and running with it, but the benefits are far worth it. D-Tools helps us stay on track, streamline our business and allow us to be a more efficient company.”

About Cinema Solutions

Established in 1998, Cinema Solutions has been providing exceptional service to Southern California’s most demanding clientele. Listening, understanding, and addressing the issues concerning a customer’s project and lifestyle are the primary components that ensure successful home technology. Here at Cinema Solutions, we rarely advertise. Rather, this company has been built solely by referrals and recommendations.  Our goal is simple…to make you a satisfied customer.