GEEGreen Gets Into the Black

Green Energy & Electric uses D-Tools System Integrator software to land projects and becomes more profitable by streamlining operations.

Green Energy & Electric (GEE) is an Englewood, Colorado-based electrical, audio/video, lighting, and automation integrator committed to developing custom solutions to fit clients’ energy efficiency, entertainment, and building control needs. Whether clients are looking to wire a multi-unit residential project or a give a commercial office park a lighting facelift, GEE is there to meet the needs of customers across Denver and the Rocky Mountains.

GEE heard about D-Tools at CEDIA Expo 2015 at a time when it was looking for a good way to quickly bid projects with a professional client-facing presentation. The 21-employee firm was also seeking a solution to better manage its projects and job work orders. The company understood that proper management of product data is critical to any successful project. D-Tools data-driven process provides users with up-to-date and detailed product information, enabling integrators to track key elements of a project such as installation time, costs, pricing and ultimately profitability. “We needed a database system so we could get a better and more accurate bill of materials on electrical and AV projects, and fully streamline our operations as a whole,” says Rick Greene, owner of GEE. “Before D-Tools, we were using a combination of Smartsheets, Excel, and Tsheets, with no integration between resources.”

GEE’s goal over the past four years has been to serve as a one-stop-shop for a customer’s electrical, AV, lighting, and shades. D-Tools System Integrator (SI) software allows the company to create custom “packages” to group products together and “pre-engineer” systems, creating a repeatable process and eliminating errors during the estimation process. On multi-family townhome projects, the company does a base electrical and structured wiring package, then offer buyers upgrade packages from there. For example, they might install a Sonos 5.1 surround sound in the living room and a Sonos Connect Amp to speakers on fourth-floor patios or a Caséta lighting package with Pro Bridge interface. They also sell a lot of Ring doorbells, and Lockstate lock entry systems.

D-Tools SI platform gives GEE an accurate graphic representation of what they are going to provide to customers, and the company has sold 90% of the packages they have pitched using D-Tools. In fact, they’ve been so successful with the strategy, that they have adapted it to the residential electrical side of the business to give customers a room-by-room breakdown of electrical and AV. “This has been especially helpful in remodels where the scope of work is always in flux. It gives our customers peace of mind as to what they are paying for,” says Greene. “We benefit because we are trapping all of the changes on site as scope changes.”

Another D-Tools SI feature that GEE has grown reliant upon is the Mobile Install solution, with 14 licenses being used on phones and iPads in the field. Mobile Install allows the company to easily communicate with teams in the field and back via any mobile device for accurate time and install tracking. This has made managing various parts of the company’s projects and service tickets easier and more profitable.

SI’s powerful reporting capabilities enable users to quickly and easily create Client, Installation, and Management Reports based on the data from a D-Tools project, helping ensure that integrators deliver the job on-time and to budget. “Using the different custom reports that D-Tools has available, GEE is able to look at its projects from many different angles,” says Greene. “Does the labor feel right? Are the small things like cabling and components right? Is there enough programming time?” Additionally, System Integrator’s Pick Lists have given the company a much better starting point on a project as to what materials installers need to get started. “Being able to separate the rough and finish items is invaluable, and has reduced trips to the dreaded time sucking hole we all call the supply house.”

From bidding jobs to winning them to change orders and installation, D-Tools has helped Green Energy & Electric get squarely into the black.

Benefits of Implementing D-Tools:

  • Revenue has increased by 20%
  • Employee (user) satisfaction has increased by 20%
  • Project costs have decreased by 5%