Based in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN and having wired more than 10,000 homes and businesses, J. Becher has become the premier electrical and low voltage contractor in the area.  J. Becher & Assoc. is a full-service electrical and low-voltage contractor specializing in commercial, industrial, and residential electrical systems and electronic integration solutions for homes and businesses. Since their inception in 1987, the mission of J. Becher & Assoc. has been to provide quality workmanship, innovative design and thoughtful customer service throughout all phases of a client’s project whether it is a small home electrical wiring project or a multi-story office building’s complex electrical, security and data communication systems.

Biggest Challenges:

  • Proposal generation too time consuming utilizing  previous methods
  • Lacked desired professional image
  • Needed a solution that streamlined the business as a whole

Having graduated with an electrical construction degree, Brady Elsenpeter found that the field was not challenging enough for his interests, so he soon morphed into low voltage system integration.  As J. Becher created a new division, Brady’s name was recommended for management.

Brady Elsenpeter of J Becher

After an ad for D-Tools software in an industry magazine caught Brady’s eye, he researched the software online and the proposal examples sparked an interest.  He instantly knew D-Tools was the missing piece of the puzzle to acquire the professional image J. Becher had been seeking.   “I decided to take a chance and jump in with both feet even though I didn’t know a lot about the software.  The different reports that D-Tools can generate looked super helpful right from the get go. The combination of check lists, proposals with graphics, and purchase orders was something we needed at the time. I wear 7-10 hats at any given time and I don’t have an assistant.  D-Tools allows me to do a lot of different tasks simultaneously which helps me out drastically.”

D-Tools software helped J Becher attain the professional image they needed to take them to the next level. “D-Tools has been phenomenal.   It’s allowed us to be more professional while streamlining the bidding process, start to finish. It’s awesome!”

J Becher has also experienced an increase in efficiency in their business.  D-Tools has provided the necessary documentation for the designers and installers to design and carry out the project seamlessly.

“D-Tools has made us more efficient not only out in the field but also in the office.  That’s what’s going to make us the money.  It has made it a lot easier for everyone to stay on the same page to complete a project satisfactory to the client and within our allocated budget. If you set up D-Tools correctly, it takes care of everything!”

Jbecher has partnered with The After Midnight Group, a well know business in the Minneapolis area who started a creative chain of bars/restaurants that are all cowboy themed.  There are many locations in the area and JBecher was elected to design and build all of these unique projects.  When they started working with The After Midnight Group, they had the chance to use all of the features that D-Tools provided (proposal, Visio, pick lists, wire lists, scheduling and much more).

D-Tools has been beneficial to Jbecher on these projects in many ways. They now have the ability to design the system very efficiently and more in-depth. Once the system is designed and the proposal is printed, they can then start the drawing process.

“It’s great experience working with D-Tools Visio integration because these two systems have come together to create a very easy design and layout experience for residential and commercial integration bidders. Once the drawing is complete and everything is handed off to the installers, they have the ability to see exactly what is needs to be pulled with the wire checklist and which equipment should be sold with the product pick list.   D-Tools provides us with a perfect plan including speaker and other equipment locations, voice data locations and much more. It basically takes all the little pieces of the puzzle and blends them together to create a great experience for the integrator. We save a huge amount of time in the office because when we have 10 bids to print at a time, all we have to do is drag and drop the product onto the proposal and move on.  This software is the best in the business.”



  • Due to streamlining the business as a whole, J. Becher has experienced a 50% business increase year by year
  • J. Becher has increased profitability by 25-30% per job
  • J. Becher has experienced an hour and half per day in time reduction