BlueDog LogoBlue Dog Data Services ( is pleased to announce 2 new services, designed to further enhance the D-Tools experience – available now with special pricing to “Innovator” clients:



Engineering Level Data

Blue Dog’s engineering-level data, used in conjunction with our existing proposal-ready data, will allow you to quickly and easily create a profitable D-Tools proposal, and once the job is won, use that proposal data with engineering data to begin project management and develop construction tools for the job. Stencils and templates are linked to catalog items to provide rough-in plans, rack elevation drawings and schematics for seamless installation.

Designer on Demand

BlueDog engineering data subscribers are also eligible to receive ‘Designer on Demand’ services from Blue Dog’s sister company, Audio Design, Inc. ( Designer services can be purchased by the hour or in time blocks to help D-Tools dealers over any hurdles to complete the job, quickly and painlessly directly from their accounts.

Want to see how your proposal software can output a fully formed $50,000 proposal in just 15 minutes or less?

We invite you to watch this 15-minute video of Curt Hayes, CEO of BlueDog Data, creating an accurate and complete $50,000 Sonos proposal.