·        Lack of consistency in proposals and documentation
·        Reduce time and cost per project
·        Streamline business processes

Based out of Columbia, MO, August Systems is a full service home systems company, specializing in designing, installing, and integrating structured wiring, lighting control, whole house audio systems, home theater, and security systems, primarily for the residential market.

Best Practices:

·        Reduced labor time and costs
·        Increased revenue and profitability
·        Improved documentation on every project

August systems started in1996 with a vision.  They wanted to be part of the thrill of constant changing technology, and felt that they could offer guidance and innovative services for homeowners and builders. August Systems designs electronic systems that are simple yet perfect for entertaining and relaxing. However, August Systems found that there was a lack of consistency in their proposals, documentation, and business processes, which led to wasted time and lost profit.  Their custom design work was a jumble of software and a combination of Word and Excel documents that didn’t allow them to efficiently manage their business processes – which ultimately led to poor performance and/or lost money.

August Systems implemented D-Tools System Integrator 4.5 (SI 4.5) Pro and LanSync to improve the quality of their documentation and project management process.  They found that the addition of D-tools saved a significant amount of time on each system designed.  Gary Miller, Director of Operations for August Systems said, “By creating system templates in D-Tools, we were able to slash our time spent creating proposals from days to hours, and for many systems, less than an hour.  By creating boilerplate systems templates we were able to create great efficiency in our business while making more money and having happier clients.”

The addition of D-Tools SI 4.5 Pro also provided August Systems with a series of templates utilized for future custom systems. This increased efficiency and increased profitability per project.  Said Miller, “D-Tools provided a ‘wrapper’ to write our business processes around, and it moved us away from the less profitable ‘custom’ model and towards a more predictable production model.”


August Systems is experiencing a 30% increase in project profitability while reducing time by 85% as a result of implementing D-Tools SI 4.5 across their business.  D-Tools has been very beneficial apart from quantitative data as well.   “For me the biggest benefit can’t be summed up in a number, the time this software saves me is time I get to be home with my wife and daughter,” said Miller.

D-Tools’ reports enabled August Systems to streamline their business processes and increase productivity.  “We have revamped our entire process around D-Tools reports.  The drawings and check-sheets lead to far fewer installation mistakes,” said Miller.

“Here is my bottom line regarding D-Tools. We generated much more accurate, impressive, profitable proposals, in less time. Pre-wires go much faster, with less direct management and fewer mistakes.  Equipment is ordered as needed for jobs with much greater accuracy. Systems are completed much faster with predictable results.”