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AudioPerfection Inc. Increases Profitability by 25% per Job Utilizing D-Tools SI


Business Challenges:

  • Proposals were too time consuming and often, not accurate
  • Not all items were tracked efficiently, resulting in a loss of profit
  • Labor was estimated, resulting in a loss of profit

Based out of West Columbia, SC, AudioPerfection Inc. is a full service system integration company providing design, products and installation for primarily the high-end residential market.

Joe and Melissa Tooley, Owners of AudioPerfection Inc., purchased D-Tools System Integrator (SI), but unfortunately never had the time to set it up and get started in the software. However, in 2006, they decided to upgrade their software and get their business on track.  They enrolled in D-Tools annual training event, D-Tools University (DTU) to get a jump start on the software. After one of the classes, Joe sat down with D-Tools Certified Partner and DTU instructor, Sam Cavitt of MED.  Sam gave him the advice to just begin using the software and build a database as he went along.  He explained to use it a little and as you become more familiar with the software, integrate it more and more into your company.

Joe and Melissa had never even touched the software prior to attending DTU, but Sam’s advice and the classes they attended left them eager to learn and incorporate D-Tools into their business.  “Sam’s advice about D-Tools was hands-down the best thing I could have learned at the time and I am grateful that I had the chance to speak with him,” said Tooley.

Surprisingly, during DTU, Joe had taken what he learned in class and put it to use by putting together a quote for a client on the spot.  That first job using D-Tools was more accurate than any previous job and they noticed a profit immediately.

As AudioPerfection Inc. utilized D-Tools and became efficient in use, they noticed numerous positive results.  The time-consuming proposals they once produced in QuickBooks and Excel were now being generated quicker, and far more accurate and professional in D-Tools.   “We noticed that our proposals took an enormous amount of time and nine times out of ten, they were way off.  D-Tools has improved our proposal generation tenfold,” said Tooley.

AudioPerfection Inc. is also able to track project items better utilizing D-Tools.  Prior to D-Tools, they estimated prices and amounts and simply put in a general quote, resulting in lost money. Now they do not overlook any items and are able to bid more accurately.  Labor is also calculated more accurately.  D-Tools has allowed the Tooleys to create a series of steps to follow on each project to maximize profits. “Setting up D-Tools caused us to sit down and evaluate our business process and formulate new steps we need to achieve in D-Tools from beginning to end that reduces a loss of profits and increases our total revenue,” said Tooley.


AudioPerfection Inc. has experienced a significant return on investment since the inception of D-Tools into their business platform.  The average size of job AudioPerfection Inc. wins has increased by 20%, while profitability has increased by 25% per job.  Additionally, the amount of time it takes them to put a proposal together and get it out has decreased by 35%.

Joe has worked a lot with D-Tools support, forum and MED’s MIT program and it has proved to be extremely helpful for his adoption of D-Tools as a business solution. “There are so many avenues to get help with D-Tools, said Tooley, “ That is one of the reasons that makes D-Tools such a great program because there is always someone there to answer your question.”

Joe is currently subscribed to MED’s MIT Training and would recommend not only D-Tools software, but the training as well. “D-Tools is a great investment even for small companies because it gives you the ability to grow and follow a roadmap to success.  Just get the software and MIT and start running with it,” said Tooley.

“We are very pleased that we got up and running with D-Tools”, said Tooley.  “We know we are no where near using the software’s full capacity yet, but from the results we have seen so far, we look forward to what the future brings.”

Melissa and Joe Tooley of AudioPerfection Inc.