• Reduce time and cost on a per project basis
  • Improve business processes
  • Insufficient data management

Based out of El Segundo, CA, Audio Video Innovations, Inc. (AVI) is an audio/video installation company, specializing in designing, installing, and integrating high quality custom high end audio/video for both the residential and the commercial market.

Best Practices:

  • Reduced time and costs
  • Increased revenue and profitability
  • Streamlined business processes

Audio Video Innovations, Inc. (AVI), based out of El Segundo, CA was established in1987. They started out strictly working in the commercial market but over the years expanded into residential. Prior to the addition of D-Tools, they were operating a custom designed program for project management. However, it did not have a strong database which led AVI to D-Tools software. Pat Julien, VP of AVI, said, “We chose D-Tools because it offered us a dynamic database and more professional looking proposals. We needed a program that allowed us to create proposals with or without drawings, and D-Tools was our answer.”

AVI found that the flexibility and ease of use of D-Tools allowed them to change and upgrade projects very easily. “D-Tools software is powerful in that we are able to go back to any project and adjust anything we need to,” said Julien. The addition of D-Tools also enabled AVI to email proposals and drawings directly to customers, saving time.


AVI is experiencing as much as a 30% decrease in time and costs as a result of implementing D-Tools software across their business. D-Tools software has made projects easier to track, provided AVI with a more efficient project management process, and has helped increase the overall amount of professional proposals created by AVI. As a result of implementing D-Tools, AVI is getting more proposals out to customers in less time.

Time has also been reduced because more than one person at a time can help develop a proposal. “Because D-Tools operates in a shared, networked environment, it has allowed 2-3 people to work together on proposals, resulting in a team effort and faster production, – which translates into more revenue for the business,” said Julien.

In addition, profitability has also increased for AVI as a result of using D-Tools System Integrator software. “I can see a correlation between the addition of D-Tools and increased profitability for our company, and the software’s ease-of-use is a main contributing factor,” said Julien.

“D-Tools is the best program out there. Nothing even comes close to it. I don’t see it as expensive, because the worth you get out of it is immense. It is a tool that streamlines business and makes everything more efficient.”