With the release of SI V13, we have made automation improvements to our API.

Automation: We have defined three use-cases for the logic involving automation export, as follows:

1- Always, automatically Export a project with “any statuses” to the default integration upon project check-in. This option will always export the project to the API upon project check-in, regardless of the project status. This scenario is for companies that are using Project Management Apps, which requires the project to be pushed as they are built/changed/approved/lost, etc… This will give a sense of real-time visibility on third-party integrations.

2- Always, automatically Export a project with “specific status(es)” only, to the default integration upon project check-in. This is similar to the use-case noted above, where multiple recurring pushes are setup. The difference is that only specific status(es) are selected.

3- Conditionally, automatically Export a project with “specific status(es)” to the default integration upon project check-in. The condition is, if the project status changes, export. If it doesn’t change, don’t export. As an example, this scenario would be for companies using third-party accounting apps, where they would specify a single status to export to their accounting app, and to only (automatically) push it once.

Screenshot of the SI V13 Integrations Setting

Project object changes: 

CustomFIeld27, CustomFIeld28, CustomFIeld29 and CustomFIeld30 (4 new picklist fields added) – https://api.d-tools.com/SI/doc/Api/POST-Publish-Projects


PaymentTerms (collection of payment terms) – https://api.d-tools.com/SI/doc/ResourceModel?modelName=PaymentTerm


Project Items changes:

There are three New TypeIds are added for Allowance, Bundled Cable and placeholders. We do not export items within allowance and bundle cable as they do not impact price. Allowance, Bundled Cable and Placeholders are exported to API with appropriate Type Id. If Allowance or Bundled Cable has both Product and Labor (labor not based on phase) we split into two items. Please note that phase labor will get aggregated with phase as usual. The First item has product cost and product price with LaborType = blank (null). The Second item has labor cost and labor price LaborType = Item. This is similar to how we split a single labor item with both and fixed and variable into two items. For Bundled Cable the quantity is the Wire length for product portion. For labor portion of bundle cable quantity is [wire length * hours]


TypeId: 1 = Product, 2 = Labor, 3 = Allowance, 4 = Bundled Cable, 5 = Placeholder


We are working on how to import/update Bundled Cable and Allowances in the first update of v13 (for now we only have export capabilities).


The ProjectItem has new fields:

    1. PackageName (populated for Allowance, Bundled Cable and Placeholder).
    2. PickedDate
    3. IPAddress2
    4. TrackingNumber