There is a new feature in the D-Tools / Visio integration that is little known to most users: The “Add Stencil File”. This feature is very useful when adding new stencils to D-Tools and Visio, and makes it very simple to do so.

Before the introduction of this feature, users needed to perform a series of steps, including: Close both Visio and D-Tools, manually copy the stencil to their user’s folder (hidden appData folder), restart D-Tools, and refresh the list of Stencils. Now you can perform all these steps with few clicks:

1. From the D-Tools SI 2016 Visio Menu, click on Shapes Tab:



2. Click on Add Stencil Files as shown below:



3. This will open a browser window, where you can browse to the stencil you want to add into D-Tools/Visio.

You can then start using your Stencil in D-Tools/Visio.