There is a new option in our SI 2017 platform that will allow you to quickly and easily add multiple rooms to a location. Let me explain. From the Project Explorer interface, open a project, locate the Manage Locations Icon, click to open the Manage Project Locations interface.

Once here, choose the location you want to add the rooms to and click the “Clone with Options” icon in the Manage section of the ribbon.


In this window, choose the quantity, any prefixes (spaces count) you want to add to the new rooms and a “Start From” section. Let’s say you are adding 3 more rooms to the selected location and you want to differentiate between them. For instance, master bedroom and room 2, 3, 4 and so on. By placing a 2 in the “Start From” box, the added rooms will now show starting from 2 and ascending from there as highlighted below.


Save and close. Just like that, you’re done!