D-Tools SI 2016 introduced the highly anticipated feature for arranging (or sorting) the items so they display on a specific order on the proposal reports. Before SI 2016, there was a work around that included the utilization of a custom field. Now in SI 2016, users can arrange the items using the “Arrange Items” feature, as explained here. While this is great news, some of our customers have spent a lot of time and money building custom reports. So the question is, how can we add the  “Arrange Items”  on existing reports. Very simple.

To make “Arrange Items” feature work in your older custom proposal reports, please perform the following steps.

  1. Open your custom proposal report in Standard Report Designer.
  1. Click “File | Edit DTools Report Information” menu, it will open the Report Wizard User Interface.
  1. Navigate to “Required Groupings” page by clicking “Next” button, you will see the below screen.

Report Wizard 1

  1. From the “Available Properties” list, select “Order” property, and move it to “Assigned Properties” list by clicking the “>” (right arrow button).
  1. Move the “Order” property under the “Optional” property as shown in below screen shot.

Report Wizard 2

  1. Click “Finish” button and then publish the updated custom report by clicking “File | Publish Report”.

You can now use the “Arrange Items” feature on custom reports created prior to SI 2016.