fireworksThis is interesting; I just read that Zoho has acquired its One Millionth user (link 1, link 2), Prestige Home Automation who is also a D-Tools Customer.  Apparently Dean Dutton the Principle at Prestige heard about Zoho CRM in this blog.  What is more interesting is that before Dean got into the home automation business he was a software engineer at Peoplesoft working on their CRM product line.  When software engineers like Dean start investing in a specific platforms like Zoho and D-Tools you know something good is happening.

To honor this milestone between Zoho and D-Tools I am putting together a simple tutorial that explains how to link D-Tools SI5 and Zoho CRM through Microsoft Outlook 2007.  This is not a perfect interface by any means but it does set the stage for a more seamless integration between the two platforms.

Stay tuned, it should be posted tomorrow.