conquer_cropThe word for today is refine. We are currently undergoing an overhaul of our internal processes, which you can read all about here. We have implemented Zoho as our CRM to help us better manage and control communicating with our prospects, customers and partners. I won’t go too much into that because Adam is documenting our process and will continue to add to this category as we continue to move forward with our Zoho implementation.

The reasons for this current project are fairly straightforward – we have a lot of leads, prospects, cuistoemrs, and partners and it has been difficult to systematically track and ensure that we can effectively communicate and maintain a day-to-day relationship – but another reason we are diving deep into this process and cleaning up as much as we can is deeper and ultimately more important: we need to improve and move on to the next phase of our business growth.

D-Tools recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary at this year’s CEDIA Expo. More on that here. We have established our business on the basic premise of trying to improve upon the system integration process. Our software has evolved over the past ten years to better accomplish this primary objective, and with every release of the software we believe that we have a better understanding of the overall process and how to refine that original, primary objective that Adam Stone set 10 years ago.

So while the industry has evolved, the playing field has changed, and the business climate has become stagnant to downright brutal, we are seizing the opportunity to take a look at our internal processes and develop better methodologies to better enable us to get the most productivity out of the resources we have, and to make our internal teams more productive.

It is not easy to look at your internal workflow and see where you are making mistakes. It is however, critical to growth to understand what your weaknesses are so you can work to improve them. When companies implement our software, they are faced with analyzing their internal processes and identifying those areas where they may be missing opportunities or losing money through inefficient workflow. It is difficult to look at those areas and make the changes needed to improve. Well we are going through that same process right now and while it sometimes is uncomfortable, it is giving us a clear path to improvement just by identifying some problem areas and correcting the issues.

The point I’m trying to make is that even if you are a well-functioning successful organization, there is always room for improvement and refinement. Our president and CEO has taken it upon himself to implement our CRM, refine our process and clean our database in order to enable the sales and marketing teams to operate more efficiently. While it of course benefits the entire company, it also fits into the primary reason Adam started the company in the first place – to improve and refine the process associated with the integration and installation of low voltage systems.  By applying that same objective to our internal processes, we will be able to better serve our customers as we help them with not only improving their system integration processes, but their entire business process – refining our core competencies in order to better compete moving forward. Our upcoming SI5.5 release will be the first step in this direction, with more to come.

-Tim B.