My BS detector should have gone off sooner when I made a personal call to Jeff White, VP Sales of Oasis CRM sometime in October 06 and I never heard anything back.  When a sales rep does not return a sales call then the chances of anything else positive happening are just about zero.

But I wanted it to work so I called back.  It was clear that we had to move off of NetSuite but there were not that many choices back then.  Looking at the Oasis feature chart it looked like it may fit the bill, Jeff White is a great salesman and the President/Owner Ed VanDuyne seemed like a competent developer and a genuinely nice guy.

The software looked sort of flakey, but they seemed confident that it would do the job for us and I trusted them.  We spent about 40K getting the data converted from NS (see why we left NS post) and another 30 K in software and implementation fees to Oasis.

I will get into the details later but once I had a chance to use the system I realized a number of things.  What I mean is that everyone who touched the system here realized that the Oasis CRM software was unusable.  In my professional opinion the developer or developers of the software are incompetent and instead of admitting that their software was lame they actually defended its lameness. See this post about how I feel about that topic.

Oasis CRM was a total write off.  There was not a single part of the system that was actually useable and I could feel the money slowly draining out of the company.  I had to do something quick.  I figure the hard and soft costs were over 200K for this mistake.