It’s been a few months since my last post on email marketing and campaigns within Zoho. Since that last post we have accomplished a couple of really good things: 1) we worked with the good folks at Cazoomi on a better implementation of their sync app between Zoho and Constant Contact; and 2) we figured out how to get the email functionality to Potentials in Zoho to work as we need it to.

Let’s start with the Cazoomi sync app – We originally worked with them a few months ago to help test their sync functionality between Zoho and Constant Contact. More about that here. They implemented a great sync app that worked well for syncing Contacts from Zoho and we thought Leads as well, however we discovered that we were missing a critical piece of the puzzle.

The basic workflow in Zoho CRM (and other CRMs that will remain nameless here) is based on the fact that there are two separate databases – one for Leads, and the other for Accounts and Contacts. So here’s CRM 101: The basic idea is you get inbound “leads” (from website forms, trial downloads, email campaigns, etc.) and these are entered into the Leads database. As you work through your qualification process eventually the qualified leads will be converted to an “Account” (which is in fact a separate database in Zoho).

As the Lead is Converted to an Account, Zoho deletes the lead from the Leads database and converts the Lead into a Contact that is associated with an Account. If you are interested in more of this there are many many articles our there on this…the main point I’m trying to make here is that the Lead is actually REMOVED from the Leads database.

We discovered that the Cazoomi sync App synced new leads between Zoho and uploaded them to Constant Contact just fine, but the sync did not remove the converted leads. This is problematic as many of these leads eventually become customers and the communication needs are different. So after a call to my friend Clint at Cazoomi where I explained what i thought needed to be done to remedy it, (and sending over a very basic flowchart) he discussed with the development team there and literally by the very next week had updated the sync app to add new leads and delete converted leads from the Leads sync. Bravo, guys – it works perfectly and is improving our ability to narrow our messaging appropriately!

So the next thing I went to work on was to really see what we could do to add some more personalization to the email Potentials feature that implemented in Zoho CRM a few months back. When I last tried this, we were limited to some very basic personalization (using Potential Contact Name) and that to me seemed like an incomplete implementation. I think I wrote about that as well in the first installment of this post here.

Well in the time between my last post and this one, I did some additional research and testing and it was either my original operator error (yes, I would admit it and not just blame them) or they listened to me and added some additional functionality to make this way more useful (I am choosing to believe this is the case no matter what the facts may be!).

For example – we were only able to personalize the Potential Contact Name (First and Last) before, not really making the email too personal:









But I discovered after doing some additional tests with the email template in Zoho that I could actually personalize a greater number of elements – Contact first name (a must), phone number, or other important fields.









So – this feature now gives us the capability to select a group of Potentials (Which are similar to Opportunities in another unnamed CRM system and represent a potential sales opportunity) and send a targeted message. This is a great time saver and really helps our team organize their time and efforts. This was one of the biggest hurdles to really helping streamline our internal processes and eliminate errors and miscommunication, and I am very happy to roll this out to our team.