In part 1 of this series I went over How D-Tools Uses the Mass Email Functionality in Zoho CRM to send targeted mass emails to their leads. In part 2, I will go over how we mass email Contacts. I am sure you are thinking Leads and Contacts are the same, why have a different process? In some, maybe lesser systems Leads and Contacts could be treated basically the same. However Zoho CRM uses a well thought out process that segregates Leads, Contacts and Accounts.

In Zoho CRM a Lead record has both company (Account) and contact (people) information in one record. When a Lead is converted to an Account,  Zoho has a clever, automatic process where the Company information of the Lead is stored into the Accounts record and the personal information from the lead is stored in a separate record called Contacts that is linked to the Accounts record. This way you can have multiple Contacts (people) under a single Account (company).  The way god intended it to be.

So in order to market to Contacts you must first create the correct sort using Accounts. In the D-Tools/Zoho CRM system we have two basic Account types; Prospects and Customers. Prospects are potential customers that have not purchased yet and Customers have purchased something from us.  Subtle but important differences to consider because the message to each group is going to be different.

Marketing to Contacts

When marketing to Leads in Zoho you can use the custom views because all of the Lead information is in a single record. However Zoho currently does not allow for multiple table (Accounts and Contact) views you have to jump through a few more hoops to get to the desired result. In fact if Zoho would give us access to multiple tables in custom views the process would be the same as with leads and I would not need to have a two part article. Anyway, follow these steps to send mass email to Contacts.

  1. Create the proper email template as described in the previous section on Leads, but this time make sure that the Record Type is set to Contacts.
  2. Go to the Contacts tab and choose Mass Email Contacts at the bottom of the page in the Contact Tools Section
  3. In the Email Template Tab Chose the proper email template from step 1 above
  4. Go to the Select Records tab of the Mass Email section and choose Manual Criteria NOT Custom View Criteria. Notice how you get a similar form as the list view but way more choices.  The difference with this one is you have both Account and Contact information to build your criteria from. This is where it gets a little complicated because you do not get a good idea of what the criteria really is, because you can only see 100 records at a time and there is no count of how many total records there are.  You are basically sending blind because you can’t test the criteria.
  5. This should really be step 2: but I figured that this would make a better illustration as to why you are going to abandon the mass email page section for the moment and go the reports tab.
  6. Go to the reports tab.  You are doing this so you can get an accurate idea of how many contacts you will be marketing to.
  7. Click Create New Report
  8. Choose Contacts and Accounts as the related module, click Continue
  9. At the next page choose the following:
    1. Report Type = Tabular
    2. Columns = Contact Name, Contact Owner, Account Name and whatever other relevant information you want to see about your target list
    3. Criteria: This changes based on your target. In this case let’s say I want to email Active Prospects in the US. It would look something like this:
  10. At this point do not add the Lead Owner name as part of the criteria. You want to get an idea of the grand total first
  11. Hit Save, name the report and stick it in the appropriate folder. You will get something that looks like this with a total number of Contacts at the bottom.
  12. Fool around with the criteria until you get the exact target you are looking for by using the Customize and then the Run button.
  13. Take a screen shot of the criteria for use in the Mass email area and make a note of the final total for all the contacts that meet the criteria and the different Contact Owner names
  14. Now add the individual Contact Owner names to the criteria one at a time and make a note of the totals for each Contact Owner
  15. Go back to the email template you created and change the From and Reply to fields to the first Lead Owner email address. Click Add User Signature
  16. Log in to the CRM system as the first Contact Owner in a separate and different browser from your log in.
  17. Go to the Mass Email Contacts and chose the proper template with the new Lead Owner information.
  18. Go back Select Records section, step 4 from above and create the criteria from the report section; that is what the screen capture is for.
  19. Add the Lead Owners name that matches the email template to the criteria and to the login. All three have to have the same name for this to work right. This is kinda stupid because any little slip at this point and you could send email from a different owner to the wrong contact with a third signature. Pay attention.
  20. Send the emails 100 at a time as described in Part 1
  21. Wash, rinse repeat until you have sent the custom emails FROM the right Lead Owners TO the correct Contacts WITH the proper signature.
  22. Send an email to all of the Lead Owners with the email template and the counts for each rep so they know what to expect.

All that is needed to make this process MUCH simpler and more user friendly,  is to allow for current user wildcards, signature choices from user and who is logged in and multiple table views. You could cut the steps in half,  and eliminate errors with those changes to the Zoho CRM system. As it stands this is the best way to send personalized mass emails within the current Zoho CRM system. The other way would be to create a separate email template for each Lead Owner but then that leads template bloat problems.