fear_horizon_cropIf change is good, why do so many people have a natural aversion to it? Is it really “better the devil you know?” Change can be scary and intimidating, but one thing for sure is that it is constant, and depending on your perspective, can be the difference between success and failure. Reluctance to adapt to changes around you (many of which are beyond your control, such as our current economic and business climate for example) or plain stubborn refusal to change due to long-held beliefs have doomed countless companies, relationships and even entire careers.

In my previous post “Refine and Conquer“, I discussed some of the changes that we are making as an organization – some in response to the current business climate (as in – how can we take advantage of this opportunity to streamline our processes), and others as a result of looking plainly at our current sales process and trying to understand where we are falling short and how we can improve. Our CEO and founder Adam Stone has taken the time and focus to completely de-construct our initial sales process into a Lead Qualifying Engine. You can read all about our process and how it came about in Adam’s posts.

This has required us to look at all the steps and associated actions needed to actually take a new lead through to a qualifed prospect, and has given us a new, reapeatable process for generating new business. (sound familiar?) Now that we have actually documented and created workflows for this process, everyone on our sales team has a clear understanding of their role and what they need to do as part of this process.

And yes, it is different from what we were doing before. We now have a much better process for the team to prioritize their time and focus. By clearly defining the steps and resulting action items along the way, our team can now better plan each day and have a roadmap to help them stay focused on their main objective – generating revenue for the company by helping the right companies (ones who have clearly demonstrated a need for our software) get a better process in place through our software. And that is positive change that benefits all of us.