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Enhanced Schematic and Wire Shapes for SI 2017

We just distributed some user requested enhancements to our Visio Schematic and Finish wire shapes.  For the Schematic shapes you can now right click or use the Shape Data UI to choose from the standard Si Color pallet.  The...

5 Will Get You SIx. Part II: Development

Recently our VP of Sales and Marketing, Tim Bigoness, published this post where he shared  his enthusiasm for, and confidence in,  the development of our next major software release.  In it he also discussed the efforts we have...

D-Tools MVP Partner News for October 2017

D-Tools MVP Manufacturer Partners realize the importance of bringing you their product information and have chosen to support the D-Tools user community by joining the program and making their product data directly available...






API Integration Improvements (V13)

With the release of SI V13, we have made automation improvements to our API. We have defined three use-cases for the logic involving automation export, as follows: 1- Always, automatically Export a project with “any...

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Loading A Project Specific .RTF into a Custom Report.

There may be a standard block of text, such as terms, that you’d like to always display with certain reports. This is possible by adding a small block of code to a custom report that looks for a specific .RTF file. First, create...

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Server Updates and the Importance of Backups

With the recent System Integrator (SI V12) update released, I found it important to write an article on the importance of either creating a backup or setting automated backups for your SI Server during the process of updating or...

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Reporting on Visio Drawing Data

When running reports, there are filters that can be applied in the “Include Options” section that will filter to Visio. This means the report will only display information for products that exist on the drawing. You...

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The D-Tools Hosted Solution and Bandwidth Usage

What is the D-Tools Hosted Solution? We offer a Hosted Solution through Amazon Web Services (AWS) that will house your SI Server. Our Technical Support Department manages the maintenance and updating of these services on a...

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Create Custom Subreports

Creating custom reports allows you to modify a report to show certain data. You can also create sub-reports that will run on the parent report. By default, the D-Tools standard reports use sub-reports to display certain...

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Add a Contingency to Reports in D-Tools

There is a method to adding a “contingency” factor into your reports. This would basically let you add a percentage adjustment after the total to account for possible additions not included in the originally proposed...

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