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Find Usages and Replace

Keeping up with the products you sell can feel like a full-time job. Not only the constant price changes, but keeping up with new products as well as discontinued products can be overwhelming. In our next release of SIX (slated...

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The D-Word: Adding Discounts to a Project

Adding discounts to a project…an unfortunate part of the bidding process to win jobs. Everyone is always looking for that “little extra off” in order for them to sign on the dotted line. Historically in SI, the...

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Card-Configurable Products

We are often asked what the best way is to deal with products that can be custom configured with cards, i.e.,the inputs/outputs will vary based on the cards used. There is no specific schematic shape in the SIX Visio interface...

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Saving Visio Drawings to PDF Format

We often get asked the question “how do I print my Visio drawings?”. Many users do not have plotters in their offices and often they don’t even have a printer capable of printing 11” x 17” paper (which realistically is about as...

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Proposals That Sort By Priority

Choosing the order in which Items within a Proposal display can be important. You might want to have all your display devices print before your video sources, for example. The default sorting in SIX for reports is by...

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