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Merging Projects

The ability to have multiple users work on a project concurrently has been a long time dream for SI users. We currently use project files to store data but will soon be moving all data to SQL tables which will make this more of...

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New Support Site

The new D-Tools Support website is now live: This site combines our previous sites into one convenient location for all System Integrator resources. Here you can access User Guides, Administrator...

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E-signatures are nothing new. We’ve been doing this for years at retail check-outs after sliding our cards. But with just about everyone now walking around with some sort of touch screen device, they are becoming even more...

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Changing Wire Colors

SIX 2013 allows you to very easily assign specific shapes to Products/Categories/Subcategories for use within the Visio interface via the Assign Shape function. Not only can you specify the shapes, but you can specify the...

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Tips for International Users

As a trainer at D-Tools, I travel all over the country and world to help our users most effectively implement and use SIX. When traveling internationally, I often hear comments/complaints about SIX to the tune of “well...

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