Author: Eduardo Voloch

API Integration Improvements (V13)

With the release of SI V13, we have made automation improvements to our API. Automation: We have defined three use-cases for the logic involving automation export, as follows: 1- Always, automatically Export a project with...

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Add a Contingency to Reports in D-Tools

There is a method to adding a “contingency” factor into your reports. This would basically let you add a percentage adjustment after the total to account for possible additions not included in the originally proposed...

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Signature Script on Reports

Over the past few years, SI users have asked me “how to add a Signature Script” to their reports, so it will print a signature for each sales person on their proposal reports. There are basically two ways to do this....

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SI2017 R3 (6.11.2356) Update

We have updated D-Tools SI2017 to a new build (6.11.2356) on Friday, December 15th 2017.  Here is the list of fixed issues and improvements: Reports for new service orders did not display client information correctly until the...

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