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PDF is the New DWG

This is going to be longer than I intended, but there is a lot of information and I want to make sure I cover it all.  First a bit of history.  I have been working with an AutoCAD (DWG) insert into Visio since 1996. For the most part it has been a challenging experience to get a DWG floorplan into Visio in scale, and then back out again either as a print or as a PDF. Most recently, I was working with the Visio product team on improving this process and I am happy to say that the Current Channel...

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New and Enhanced Visio shapes for SI 2015

Based on your feedback we have been busy creating and enhancing new shapes and templates for the upcoming SI 2015 release. New Location and System Shapes I think the most useful group of shapes will be the new Location and System shapes. The new Location/System shapes use Visio container technology (only Visio 2010 and above) to allow the user to easily set location and system for any object within the boundaries of the shape. It will also let you clone the objects and the spatial relationship between the objects within the container shape. Check out the hotel example below....

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Solution for Blurry CAD files in Visio 2013

When Visio 2013 first came out in early 2013 we noticed a bug where inserted AutoCAD files did not display at the full resolution and looked blurry at high zoom levels.  We documented the issue in the D-Tools support wiki and I notified my contacts within the Visio division at Microsoft.  After a couple of emails Microsoft said that they would fix this issue in the Visio 2013 Service Pack 1, due in March 2013. I am pleased to announce that this fix has been implemented by Microsoft and SP1 is available for download at the following link. I...

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The J-STD-710 Symbols are Here

So what is this J-STD-710 thing you may be wondering?  Officially it is called the J-STD-710 Audio, Video and Control Architectural Drawing Symbols Standard.  This standard was created by members of the CEA/CEDIA/INFOCOMM R10WG7 Residential Systems Documentation Working Group.  More info on this working group can be found here. This standard consists of nine categories of CAD symbols that we have broken down to nine separate Visio stencils.   The authors of this standard have done an amazing job of specifying not only the graphics for each symbol but also the mount type and device options for each specific...

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Enhanced Wires Shapes for SIX R2

We had a number of user requests for some enhancements to our current selection of wire shapes.  These enhancements are more evolutionary rather than revolutionary.  Lets start with the new Finish Wire shape. Finish Wire Shape Enhancements The biggest improvement we made was to allow the user to select what they want to see on the start and end text of the Finish Wire shape.  Previous versions would only display the terminal type if it was setup that way in the setup options.  The new Finish Wire shape gives the user a choice  to display the Component ID or the Model or the Terminal type (text and/or graphic depending on setup) or user generated custom text.  These choices can be different for each end.   These choices can be accessed through the Shape Data UI or via right click on the specific shape you want to modify. In addition to the new line ends we also added a Text Size Factor that allows the user to change the size of the line end text relative to the middle text.  In the examples above it was set to 100% so it is the same size as the middle text.  In the example below it was set to 80% so it is is 20% smaller.  In addition you can now use the increase/decrease font size function in the Visio toolbar to...

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